2 Maccabees 3

1 Therfor whanne the hooli citee was enhabited in al pees, lawis also yit weren best kept, for the feithfulnesse of Onyas, bischop, and for soulis hatynge yuele thingis,

2 it was maad, that bothe thei kyngis and prynces ledden the place worthi hiyeste onour, and liytiden the temple with gretteste yiftis;

3 so that Seleucus, kyng of Asie, yaf of his rentis alle spensis perteynynge to the seruices of sacrifices.

4 Forsothe Symount, of the lynage of Beniamyn, that was ordeyned souereyn of the temple, whanne the prince of prestis ayenstood hym, stroof for to caste sum wickid thing in the citee.

5 But whanne he miyte not ouercome Onyas, he cam to Appollonye, sone of Tharsee, that in that tyme was duyk of Celescirie and Fenyce;

6 and telde to hym, that the treserie in Jerusalem was ful with richessis vnnoumbrable; and that comyn richessis ben grete, whiche perteynen not to the resoun of sacrifices; forsothe that it was possible, that alle thingis falle vndur power of the kyng.

7 And whanne Appolonye hadde telde to the kyng of richessis that weren borun in, he sente Heliodore clepid, that was on his nedis, with maundementis for to bere out the forseid monei.

8 And anoon Heliodore took the weie, sotheli bi forme as if he were to passynge bi Celessirie and Fenyce citees, but in trewe thing to parformynge the kyngis purpos.

9 But whanne he cam to Jerusalem, and was resseyued benygneli of the hiyeste prest in the citee, he telde of doom youun of the richessis, and openyde for cause of what thing he cam; forsothe he axide, if verili these thingis weren so.

10 Thanne the hiyeste prest schewide, that these thingis weren kept to the lijflodis of widewis, and of fadirles ether modirles children;

11 that summe sotheli weren of Ircan Tobie, a man ful noble in these thingis, that vnpitouse Symount hadde teld; forsothe that alle talentis of siluer weren foure hundrid, and of gold two hundrid;

12 for that it was impossible on al maner, that thei be disseyued, that bitoken her thingis to be kept to the place and temple, that bi al the world was onourid for his worschipyng, and holynesse.

13 And he seide, for these thingis that he hadde in maundementis of the kyng, that in al kynde tho schulden be borun to the kyng.

14 Forsothe in the dai ordeyned Heliodore entride, to ordeyne of these thingis; forsothe there was not a litil tremblyng thorouy al the citee.

15 Forsothe prestis castiden hem silf bifore the auter, with prestis stoolis, and clepiden to help fro heuene hym that yaf lawe of thingis put in kepyng, that he schulde kepe tho thingis saf to hem that hadden put tho in kepyng.

16 Now forsothe he that siy the cheer of the hiyeste prest, was woundid in soule; for the face and colour was chaungid, and declaride the inward sorewe of soule.

17 For sum soreufulnesse was sched aboute to the man, and hidousnesse of bodi, bi whiche the sorewe of herte was maad knowun to men biholdynge.

18 Also othere men `weren gaderid togidere flocmeel, and camen out of housis, bisechynge with opyn bisechyng, for that that the place was to comynge in to dispit.

19 And wymmen weren gird on the brest with heiris, and flowiden togidere bi stretis; but and virgyns, that weren closid togidere, runnen to Onyas; othere forsothe to the wallis, summe sotheli bihelden bi wyndowis.

20 Forsothe alle helden forth hondis in to heuene, and bisouyten;

21 for ther was a wretchid abidyng of multitude meynt, and of the hiyeste prest ordeyned in strijf.

22 And these sotheli clepiden almiyti God to help, that thingis takun in kepyng schulden be kept in al holynesse, to hem that hadden put tho in kepyng.

23 Forsothe Heliodore performyde that thing, that he hadde demyd, and he was present with his knyytis in the same place aboute the treserie.

24 But the spirit of almyyti God made greet euydence of his schewyng, so that alle that weren hardi for to obeie to hym, fellen doun bi vertu of God, and weren conuertid in to feblenesse, and inward drede.

25 For an hors apperide to hem, and hadde a dredeful sittere, ourned with beste hilyngis; and he with fersnesse ruyschide the formere feet to Heliodore; forsothe he that sat on hym, semyde for to haue goldun armeris.

26 Also twei othere yonge men apperiden, faire in vertu, beste in glorie, and faire in clothing, that stoden aboute hym, and on ech side scourgiden hym with out ceessyng, and beeten with many woundis.

27 Sodenli forsothe Heliodore felle doun to erthe, and thei rauyschiden hym sched aboute with myche derknesse, and castiden out hym, putte in a pakke sadil, `ether hors litir.

28 And he that entride with many renneris and knyytis in to the forseid tresorie, was borun, whanne no man helpide hym, for the opyn vertu of God was knowun;

29 and forsothe bi Goddis vertu he lay doumb, and priued of al hope and heelthe.

30 Forsothe these Jewis blessiden the Lord, for he magnyfiede his place; and the temple, that a litil bifore was ful of drede and noyse, is fillid with ioye and gladnesse, for the Lord almyyti apperide.

31 Thanne forsothe summe of Eliodoris frendis preieden anoon Onyas, for to clepe to help the Hiyeste, and for to yyue lijf to hym, that was set in the laste spirit.

32 Sotheli the hiyeste prest bihelde, lest perauenture the kyng wolde suppose ony malice fulli don aboute Jewis aboute Heliodore, and offride for helthe of the man an heelful sacrifice.

33 And whanne the hiyeste prest preiede, the same yonglyngis, clothid in the same clothis, stooden niy Heliodore, and seiden, Do thou thankyngis to Onyas, the prest; for whi for hym the Lord hath youun lijf to thee;

34 thou sotheli, that art scourgid of God, telle to alle men the grete doyngis and power of God. And whanne these thingis weren seid, thei apperiden not.

35 Heliodore sotheli, whanne a sacrifice was offrid to God, and grete avowis weren bihiyt to hym, that grauntide hym for to lyue, and dide thankyngis to Onyas; and whanne his oost was resseyued, he wente ayen to the kyng.

36 Sotheli he witnesside to alle men the werkis of greet God, whiche he siy vndur hise iyen.

37 Forsothe whanne the kyng axide Heliodore, who was able for to be sent yit onys to Jerusalem,

38 he seide, If thou hast ony enemye, ether traitour of thi rewme, sende thidur, and thou schalt resseyue hym betun, if netheles he schal scape; for sum vertu of God is verili in the place.

39 For whi he that hath dwellyng in heuenys, is visitere and helpere of that place; and he smytith and lesith hem, that comen to mysdo. Therfor of Heliodore, and kepyng of the treserie, thus the thing hath it silf.