Sirach 15

1 He that dredith God, schal do goode werkis; and he that holdith riytfulnesse, schal take it.

2 And it as a modir onourid schal meete hym, and as a womman fro virgynyte it schal take hym.

3 It shal feede hym with the breed of lijf, and of vndurstonding; and it schal yyue drynke to hym with watir of heelful wisdom; it schal be maad stidfast in hym, and he schal not be bowid.

4 And it schal holde hym, and he schal not be schent; and it schal enhaunse hym at his neiyboris.

5 And in the myddis of the chirche he schal opene his mouth; and God schal fille hym with the spirit of wisdom, and of vndurstonding, and schal clothe hym with the stoole of glorie.

6 God schal tresore on hym myrthe, and ful out ioiyng; and schal enherite hym with euerlastynge name.

7 Fonned men schulen not take that wisdom, and witti men schulen meete it. Fonned men schulen not se it; for whi it goith awey fer fro pride, and gile.

8 Men leesyngmongeris schulen not be myndful therof, and sothefast men ben foundun ther ynne; and schulen haue prosperite `til to the biholding of God.

9 Preisyng is not fair in the mouth of a synnere, for he is not sent of the Lord.

10 For whi wisdom yede forth fro God; forsothe heriyng schal stonde nyy the wisdom of God, and it schal be plenteuouse in a feithful mouth, and the Lord schal yyue it to him.

11 Seie thou not, It goith awei bi God; for whi do thou not tho thingis, whiche God hatith.

12 Seie thou not, He made me for to erre; for whi wickid men ben not nedeful to hym.

13 The Lord hatith al cursidnesse of errour, and it schal not be amyable to hem, that dreden hym.

14 At the bigynnyng God made man, and lefte him in the hond of his councel.

15 He addide hise comaundementis, and lawis;

16 if thou wolt kepe the comaundementis, tho schulen kepe thee, and kepe plesaunt feith with outen ende.

17 He hath set to thee watir and fier; dresse thin hond to that, that thou wolt.

18 Bifor man is lijf and deth, good and yuel; that, that plesith hym, schal be youun to hym.

19 For whi the wisdom of God is myche, and he is strong in power, and seeth alle men without ceessing.

20 The iyen of the Lord ben to hem, that dreden hym; and he knowith al the trauel of man.

21 He comaundide not to ony man to do wickidli; and he yaf not to ony man space to do synne.

22 For he coueytith not the multitude of sones vnfeithful and vnprofitable.