Sirach 40

1 Greet occupacioun is maad to alle men, and an heuy yok on the sones of Adam, fro the dai of the goyng out of the wombe of her modir, til in to the dai of biriyng in to the modir of alle men.

2 The thouytis of hem, and the dredis of herte, fyndyngis of abidyng, and the dai of endyng;

3 fro hym that sittith bifore on a gloriouse seete, `til to a man maad lowe in to erthe and aische;

4 fro hym that vsith iacynct, and berith a coroun, `til to hym that is hilid with raw lynnun cloth, woodnesse, enuye, noise, doutyng, and drede of deth, wrathfulnesse dwellynge contynueli, and strijf;

5 and in the tyme of restyng in the bed, the sleep of nyyt chaungith his kunnyng.

6 Forsothe a litil is as nouyt in reste; biholdyng is of hym in sleep as in the dai.

7 He is disturblid in the siyt of his herte, as he that ascapith in the dai of batel. He roos vp in the dai of his helthe, and dredynge not at ony drede, with al fleisch,

8 fro man `til to beeste, and seuenefold schal come on synneris.

9 At these thingis, deth, blood, stryuyng, and swerd, oppressyngis, hungur, and sorewe, and beetyngis;

10 alle these thingis ben maad on wickid men, and the greet flood was maad for hem.

11 For whi alle thingis that ben of the erthe, schulen turne in to the erthe; and alle watris schulen turne in to the see.

12 Al yifte and wickidnesse schal be don awei; and feith schal stonde in to the world.

13 The richessis of vniust men schulen be maad drie as a flood; and schulen sowne as a greet thundur in reyn.

14 An vniust man schal be glad in openynge hise hondis; so trespassouris schulen faile in the ende.

15 The sones of sones of wickid men schulen not multiplie braunchis; and vncleene rootis sownen on the cop of a stoon.

16 Grenenesse bisidis ech watir; and at the brynk of the flood it schal be drawun out bi the roote bifor al hey.

17 Grace as paradiss in blessyngis; and merci dwellith in to the world.

18 The lijf of a werk man sufficient to hym silf schal be maad swete; and thou schalt fynde tresour ther ynne.

19 Bildyng of a citee schal conferme a name; and a womman with out wem schal be rikenyd aboue this.

20 Wyn and musik maken glad the herte; and loue of wisdom gladith aboue euer either.

21 Pipis and sawtree maken swete melodie; and a swete tunge aboue euer either.

22 An yye schal desire grace and fairnesse; and greene sowyngis aboue these thingis.

23 A frend and felowe comynge togidere in tyme; and a womman with man aboue euer either.

24 Britheren in to help in the tyme of tribulacioun `coumforten myche; and merci schal delyuere more than thei.

25 Gold and siluer, and settyng of feet; and counsel wel plesing is aboue euer either.

26 Richessis and vertues enhaunsen the herte; and the drede of the Lord more than this.

27 Making lesse is not in the drede of the Lord; and in that drede it is not to seke help.

28 The drede of the Lord is as paradijs of blessyng; and `the blessyngis of God kyueriden hym aboue al glorie.

29 Sone, in the tyme of thi lijf be thou not nedi; for it is betere to die, than to be nedi.

30 A man biholdinge in to another mannus boord, his lijf is not in the thouyt of lijflode; for he susteyneth his lijf with othere mennus metis.

31 Forsothe a chastisid man and lernd schal kepe him silf.

32 Nedynesse schal be defoulid in the mouth of an vnprudent man; and fier schal brenne in his wombe.