Sirach 8

1 Chide thou not with a miyti man, leste thou falle in to hise hondis.

2 Stryue thou not with a riche man, lest perauenture he make ple ayenward to thee.

3 For whi gold and siluer hath lost many men; and it stretchith forth til to the herte of kyngis, and turneth.

4 Chide thou not with a man, a ianglere, and leie thou not trees in to his fier.

5 Comyne thou not with an vntauyt man, lest he speke yuele of thi kynrede.

6 Dispise thou not a man turnynge awei hym silf fro synne, nether vpbreide thou hym; haue thou mynde, that alle we ben in corrupcioun.

7 Dispise thou not a man in his eelde; for whi of vs men wexen eld.

8 Nyle thou make ioye of thin enemy deed, witynge that alle we dien, and wolen not come in to ioie of oure enemys.

9 Dispise thou not the tellyng of wise preestes, and be thou conuersaunt in the prouerbis of hem;

10 for of hem thou schalt lerne wisdom, and techyng of vndurstondyng, and to serue without pleynt to grete men.

11 The tellyng of eldere men passe not thee; for thei han lerned of her fadris.

12 For of hem thou schalt lerne vndurstondyng; and in the tyme of nede thou schalt yyue answere.

13 Kyndle thou not the coolis of synneris, and repreue hem; and be thou not brent with the flawme of fier of her synnes.

14 Stonde thou not ayens the face of a man ful of dispisyng; lest he sitte as a spiere to thi mouth.

15 Nyle thou leene to a man strongere than thou; that if thou hast lent, haue thou it as lost.

16 Biheete thou not aboue thi power; that if thou hast bihiyt, bithenke thou as yeldynge.

17 Deme thou not ayens a iuge; for he demeth vp that, that is iust.

18 Go thou not in the weie with an hardi man, lest perauenture he agregge hise yuels in thee; for he goith aftir his wille, and thou schalt perische togidere with his foli.

19 Make thou not chidyng with a wrathful man, and go thou not in to desert with an hardi man; for whi blood is as nouyt bifore hym, and where noon help is, he schal hurtle thee doun.

20 Haue thou not councel with foolis; for thei moun not loue, no but tho thingis that plesen hem.

21 Make thou not a counsel bifore a straunger; for thou noost, what he schal bringe forth. Make not thin herte knowun to ech man; lest perauenture he brynge to thee fals grace, and dispise thee.