Sirach 43

1 The firmament of hiynesse is the fairnesse therof; the fairnesse of heuene in the siyt of glorie.

2 The sunne in biholdyng, tellynge in goyng out, is a woundurful vessel, the werk of hiy God.

3 In the tyme of myddai it brenneth the erthe; and who schal mow suffre in the siyt of his heete? Kepynge a furneis in the werkis of heete;

4 the sunne brennynge hillis in thre maneris, sendynge out beemys of fier, and schynynge ayen with hise beemys, blyndith iyen.

5 The Lord is greet, that made it; and in the wordis of hym it hastide iourney.

6 And the moone in alle men in his tyme is shewing of tyme, and a signe of the world.

7 A signe of the feeste dai is takun of the moone; the liyt which is maad litil in the ende.

8 The monethe is encreessynge bi the name therof, wondirfuli in to the ending.

9 A vessel of castels in hiy thingis, schynynge gloriousli in the firmament of heuene.

10 The fairnesse of heuene is the glorie of sterris; the Lord an hiy liytneth the world.

11 In the wordis of the hooli tho schulen stonde at the doom; and tho schulen not faile in her wakyngis.

12 Se thou the bouwe, and blesse thou hym that made it; it is ful fair in his schynyng.

13 It yede aboute heuene in the cumpas of his glorie; the hondis of hiy God openyden it.

14 Bi his comaundement he hastide the snow; and he hastith to sende out the leiytyngis of his dom.

15 Therfor tresouris weren opened, and clowdis fledden out as been.

16 In his greetnesse he settide clowdis; and stoonys of hail weren brokun.

17 Hillis schulen be moued in his siyt; and the south wynd schal blowe in his wille.

18 The vois of his thundur schal beete the erthe; the tempest of the north, and the gaderyng togidere of wynd.

19 And as a brid puttynge doun to sitte sprengith snow, and the comyng doun of that snow is as a locust drenchynge doun.

20 The iye schal wondre on the fairnesse of whitnesse therof; and an herte dredith on the reyn therof.

21 He schal schede out frost as salt on the erthe; and while the wynd blowith, it schal be maad as coppis of a brere.

22 The coold northun wynd blew, and cristal of watir frees togidre; it restith, on al the gedering togidere of watris, and it clothith it silf with watris, as with an haburioun.

23 And it schal deuoure hillis, and it schal brenne the desert; and it schal quenche grene thing as fier.

24 The medicyn of alle thingis is in the haasting of a cloude; a deewe, meetynge the heete comynge of brennyng, schal make it low.

25 The wynd was stille in the word of God; bi his thouyt he made peesible the depthe of watris; and the Lord Jhesu plauntide it.

26 Thei that seilen in the see, tellen out the perels therof; and we heeringe with oure eeris schulen wondre.

27 There ben ful cleer werkis, and wonderful, dyuerse kindis of beestis, and of alle litle beestis, and the creature of wondurful fischis.

28 The ende of weie is confermyd for it; and alle thingis ben maad in the word of hym.

29 We seien many thingis, and we faylen in wordis; forsothe he is the endyng of wordis.

30 To what thing schulen we be myyti, that han glorie in alle thingis? for he is al myyti aboue alle hise werkis.

31 The Lord is ferdful, and ful greet; and his power is wondurful.

32 Glorifie ye the Lord as myche as euere ye moun, yit he schal be myytiere; and his grete doynge is wondurful.

33 Ye blessynge the Lord, enhaunse hym as myche as ye moun; for he is more than al preisyng.

34 Ye enhaunsynge hym schulen be fillid with vertu; trauele ye not, for ye schulen not take perfitli.

35 Who siy hym, and schal telle out? and who schal magnefie hym, as he is fro the bigynnyng?

36 Many thingis gretter than these ben hid fro vs; for we han seyn fewe thingis of hise werkis.

37 Forsothe the Lord made alle thingis; and he yaf wisdom to men doynge feithfuli.