Sirach 22

1 A slow man is stonyd in a stoon of cley; and alle men schulen speke on the dispisyng of him.

2 A slow man is stonyd of the dung of oxis; and ech man that touchith hym, schal schake the hondis.

3 The schame of a fadir is of a sone vnlerned; but a fonned douyter schal be in decreessyng.

4 A prudent douyter is eritage to hir hosebonde; for sche that schendith hir hosebonde, is in dispisyng of the fadir.

5 A `schameles womman schendith the fadir and hosebonde, and schal not be maad lesse than vnfeithful men; forsothe sche schal not be onourid of euer either.

6 Melodie in morenyng is vncouuenable tellyng; betyngis and techyng in al tyme with wisdom.

7 He that techith a fool, as he that glueth togidere a tiel stoon.

8 He that tellith a word to hym that herith not, is as he that reisith a man slepynge fro a greuouse sleep.

9 He that tellith wisdom to a fool, spekith with a man slepynge; and in the ende of the tellyng he schal seie, Who is this?

10 Wepe thou on a deed man, for whi his liyt failide; and wepe thou on a fool, for he failide of wit.

11 Wepe thou a litil on a deed man, for he hath restid.

12 Forsothe the lijf of a ful wickid man is ful wickid, more than the deth of a fool.

13 The morenyng of a deed man is seuene daies; but the morenyng of a fool and of a wickid man is alle the daies of her lijf.

14 Speke thou not myche with a fool, and go thou not with an vnwijs man.

15 Keep thee fro hym, that thou haue not disese; and thou schalt not be defoulid in the synne of hym.

16 Boowe thou awei fro hym, and thou schalt fynde reste; and be thou not anoied by his foly.

17 What schal be maad heuyere than leed? and what othere name than a fool is to it?

18 It is liytere to bere grauel, and salt, and a gobet of yrun, than a man vnprudent, and a fool, and vnfeithful.

19 As an heep of trees, boundun togidere in the foundement of the bilding, schal not be vnboundun, so and an herte confermed in the thouyt of counsel.

20 The thouyt of a wijs man shal not be maad schrewid in ony tyme, nether drede.

21 As chaffis in hiye places, and soond with out medling of hym, set ayens the face of wynd, schulen not dwelle;

22 so and a dreedful herte in the thouyt of a fool ayenstondith not ayens the feersnesse of drede.

23 As ournyng, ether pargetyng, ful of grauel in a cleer wal, so and a ferdful herte in the thouyt of a fool schal not drede in ony tyme; so and he that dwellith euere in the heestis of God.

24 He that prickith the iye, schal leede out teeris; and he that prickith the herte, bryngith forth wit.

25 He that castith a stoon to briddis, schal caste doun tho; so and he that doith wrong to a frend, departith frenschipe.

26 Thouy thou bryngist forth a swerd to a frend, dispeire thou not; for ther is going ayen to the frend.

27 If he openeth a soreuful mouth, drede thou not; for whi ther is acordyng, outakun dispisynge, and schenschipe, and pride, and schewyng of preuyte, and a tretcherouse wounde; in alle these thingis a frend schal fle awei.

28 Haue thou feith with a frend in his pouert, that thou be glad also in hise goodis.

29 In the tyme of his tribulacioun dwelle thou feithful to hym, that also thou be euene eir in the eritage of hym.

30 Heete and smook of fier is maad hiy bifore the fier of a chymenei; so and cursyngis, and dispisyngis, and manaassis, comen bifore blood.

31 I schal not be aschamed for to grete a frend, and Y schal not hide me fro his face; thouy yuels comen to me bi hym, Y schal suffre.

32 Ech man that schal here, schal kepe warli hym silf fro hym.

33 Who schal yyue keping to my mouth, and a certeyn ceelyng on my lippis, that Y falle not bi tho, and that my tunge leese not me?