Sirach 45

1 Moises was loued of God and of men; whose mynde is in blessyng.

2 He made him lijk in the glorie of seyntis, and he magnefiede hym in the drede of enemyes; and in his wordis he made peesible the wondris ayens kynde.

3 He glorifiede hym in the siyt of kyngis, and he `comaundide to hym bifore his puple, and schewide his glorie to hym.

4 In the feith and myldenesse of hym God made hym hooli; and chees him of alle men.

5 For he herde hym, and his vois; and ledde in hym in a cloude.

6 And yaf to hym an herte to comaundementis, and to the lawe of lijf, and of techyng; to teche Jacob a testament, and Israel hise domes.

7 He made hiy Aaron, his brother, and lijk hym of the lynage of Leuy.

8 He ordeynede to hym euerlastynge testament, and yaf to hym the preesthod of the folk. And he made hym blissful in glorie,

9 and girte hym with a girdil of riytfulnesse; and clothide hym with a stoole of glorie, and crownede hym in the ournementis of vertu.

10 He settide on hym sandalies, and breeches, and a clooth on the schuldur, and girte hym aboute with ful many small goldun bellis in cumpas;

11 to yyue soun in his goyng, to make soun herd in the temple, in to mynde to the sones of his folk.

12 God yaf to hym an hooli stoole, a wouun werk, with gold, and iacynct, and purpur, the werk of a wijs man, maad riche with doom and treuthe;

13 the werk of a crafti man, in writhun reed threed, with preciouse iemmes grauun in the byndyng of gold, and grauun bi the werk of a crafti man of stoonys, in to mynde, bi the noumbre of the lynagis of Israel.

14 A goldun coroun on his mytre, set forth with the signe of hoolynesse, the glorie of onour, and the werk of vertu, ourned to desijr of iyen.

15 Siche thingis so faire weren not bifore hym, `til to the eest.

16 Noon alien was clothid ther ynne, but oneli hise sones, and hise sones sones aloone, bi al tyme.

17 Hise sacrifices weren endid ech dai bi fyer.

18 Moises fillide hise hondis, and anoyntide hym with hooli oile.

19 It was maad to hym in to euerlastynge testament, and to his seed as the daies of heuene, to vse presthod, and to haue preisyng, and to glorifie his puple in his name.

20 God chees hym of ech lyuynge man, to offre sacrifice to God, encense, and good odour, in to mynde, for to plese for his puple.

21 And he yaf to hym power in hise comaundementis, and in the testamentis of domes, to teche Jacob witnessyngis, and in his lawe to yyue liyt to Israel.

22 For aliens stooden ayens hym, and men that weren with Datan and Abiron, and the congregacioun of Chore, in wrathfulnesse cumpassiden hym for enuye, in desert.

23 The Lord siy, and it pleside not hym; and thei weren wastid in the feersnesse of wrathfulnesse.

24 He made to hem wondris ayens kynde, and in the flawme of fier he wastide hem.

25 And he encreesside glorie to Aaron, and yaf eritage to hym; and he departide to Aaron the firste thingis of fruytis of the erthe.

26 He made redi his breed in the firste thingis, in to fulnesse; for whi and thei shulen ete the sacrifices of the Lord, whiche he yaf to hym, and to his seed.

27 But in the lond of his folk he schal not haue eritage, and no part is to hym among the folk; for whi God is the part and eritage of hym.

28 Fynees, the sone of Eleazarus, was the thridde in glorie, in suynge hym in the drede of God,

29 and to stonde in the reuerence of folk; in the goodnesse and gladnesse of his soule he pleside God of Israel.

30 Therfor God ordeynede to hym the testament of pees, and made hym prince of hooli men, and of his folk; that the dignete of presthod be to hym and to his seed, with outen ende.

31 And the testament of Dauid, the sone of Jesse, of the lynage of Juda, was eritage to hym, and to his seed; that he schulde yyue wisdom in to oure herte, to deme his folk in riytfulnesse, lest her goodis schulen be don awei; and he made the glorie of hem to be euerlastinge, in the folk of hem.