Sirach 46

1 Jhesus Naue, the successour of Moises in profetis, was strong in batel, that was greet bi his name.

2 The gretteste in to the helthe of chosun men of God, to ouercome enemyes risynge ayens hem, that he schulde gete the erytage of Israel.

3 Which glorie he gat in reysynge his hondis, and in castynge scharpe arowis ayens citees.

4 Who bifore hym ayenstood so? for whi the Lord hym silf smoot the enemyes.

5 Whether the sunne was not lettid in the wrathfulnesse of hym, and o dai was maad as tweyne?

6 He clepide to help the hiyeste God, myyti in ouercomynge enemyes on ech side; and God, greet and hooli, herde hym, in stoonys of hail of ful greet vertu.

7 He made asauyt ayens the folk enemy, and in the comynge doun he loste the aduersaries;

8 that hethene men knowe the myyt of hym, for it is not esy to fiyte ayens the Lord; and he suede myyti men at the bak.

9 And in the daies of Moises he and Caleph, the sone of Jephone, diden merci; to stonde ayens the enemye, and to forbede the folk fro synnes, and to refreyne the grutchyng of malice.

10 And thei tweyne weren stidfast, and weren delyuered fro perel, of the noumbre of sixe hundrid thousynde `foot men, to brynge hem in to the eritage, in to the lond that flowith mylk and hony.

11 And the Lord yaf strengthe to thilke Caleph, and til in to elde vertu dwellide perfitli to hym; that he stiede in to the hiy place of the lond, and his seed gat eritage.

12 And alle the children of Israel sien, that it is good to obeie to hooli God.

13 And alle iugis bi her name, the herte of whiche was not corrupt, weren strong in batel, which weren not turned awei fro the Lord;

14 that the mynde of hem be in blessyng, and her boonys apperen fro her place;

15 and her name dwellith with outen ende, for the glorie of hooli men dwellith at the sones of hem.

16 Samuel, the profete of the Lord, that was louyd of his Lord God, made newe the empire, and anoyntide prynces in his folk.

17 In the lawe of the Lord he demyde the congregacioun, and he siy the Lord of Jacob, and in his feith he was preued a profete.

18 And he was knowun feithful in hise wordis, for he siy the Lord of liyt.

19 And he clepide in to help the Lord almyyti, in ouercomynge enemyes stondynge aboute on ech side, in the offrynge of a man vndefoulid.

20 And the Lord thundride fro heuene, and in greet soun he made his vois herd.

21 And he al to-brak the princes of men of Tyre, and alle the duykis of Filisteis.

22 And bifore the tyme of ende of his lijf, and of the world, he yaf witnessyng in the siyt of the Lord, and of Crist; he took not of ony man richessis, yhe, til to schoon; and no man accuside hym.

23 And after this he slepte, and he made knowun to the kyng, and he schewide to hym the ende of his lijf; and he enhaunside his vois fro the erthe in profesie, to do awei the wickidnesse of the folc.