Baruch 2

1 For which thing oure Lord God settide stidfastli his word, which he spak to vs, and to oure iugis, that demyden in Israel, and to oure kyngis, and to oure princes, and to al Israel and Juda;

2 that the Lord schulde brynge on vs grete yuels, that weren not don vndur heuene, as tho ben doon in Jerusalem; bi tho thingis that ben writun in the lawe of Moises,

3 that a man schulde ete the fleischis of his sone, and the fleischis of his douyter.

4 And he yaf hem in to the hond of alle kyngis, that ben in oure cumpas, in to schenschipe, and in to desolacioun in alle puplis, among whiche the Lord scateride vs.

5 And we ben maad bynethe, and not aboue; for we synneden to oure Lord God, in not obeiynge to the vois of hym.

6 Riytfulnesse is to oure Lord God, but schenschipe of face is to vs and to oure fadris, as this dai is.

7 For the Lord spak on vs alle these yuels, that camen on vs.

8 And we bisouyten not the face of oure Lord God, that we schulden turne ayen, ech of vs fro oure worste weies.

9 And the Lord wakide in yuels, and brouyte tho on vs; for the Lord is iust in alle hise werkis, whiche he comaundide to vs.

10 And we herden not the vois of hym, that we schulden go in the comaundementis of the Lord, whiche he yaf bifore oure face.

11 And now, Lord God of Israel, that leddist thi puple out of the lond of Egipt in a strong hond, and in myraclis, and in grete wondris, and in thi greet vertu, and in an hiy arm, and madist to thee a name, as this dai is;

12 we han synned, we han do vnfeithfuli, we han do wickidli, oure Lord God, in alle thi riytfulnessis.

13 Thi wrath be turned awey fro vs; for we ben left a fewe among hethene men, where thou scateridist vs.

14 Lord, here thou oure axyngis, and oure preyeris, and lede vs out for thee; and yyue thou to vs to fynde grace bifore the face of hem, that ledden vs awei;

15 that al erthe knowe, that thou art oure Lord God, and that thi name is clepid to help on Israel, and on the kyn of hym.

16 Lord, bihold thou fro thin hooli hous on vs, and bouwe doun thin eere, and here vs.

17 Opene thin iyen, and se; for not deed men that ben in helle, whos spirit is takun fro her entrails, schulen yyue onour and iustefiyng to the Lord;

18 but a soule which is sori on the greetnesse of yuel, and goith bowid, and sijk, and iyen failynge, and an hungri soule, yyueth glorie to thee, and riytfulnesse to the Lord.

19 For not bi the riytfulnesses of oure fadris we `scheden merci bifore thi siyt, oure Lord God;

20 but for thou sentist thi wraththe and thi stronge veniaunce on vs, as thou spakest in the hondis of thi children profetis,

21 and seidist, Thus seith the Lord, Bowe ye youre schuldur, and youre necke, and do ye trauel to the kyng of Babiloyne; and ye schulen sitte in the lond, which Y yaf to youre fadris.

22 That if ye don not, nethir heren the vois of youre Lord God, to worche to the kyng of Babiloyne, Y schal make youre failyng fro the citees of Juda, and fro the yatis of Jerusalem;

23 and Y schal take awei fro you the vois of gladnesse, and the vois of ioye, and the vois of spouse, and the vois of spousesse; and al the lond schal be with out step of hem that dwellen therynne.

24 And thei herden not thi vois, that thei schulden worche to the kyng of Babiloyne; and thou hast set stidfastli thi wordis, whiche thou spakist in the hondis of thi children, prophetis; that the boonys of oure kyngis, and the boonys of oure fadris schulen be borun ouer fro her place.

25 And lo! tho ben cast forth in the heete of the sunne, and in the frost of niyt; and men ben deed in the worste sorewis, in hungur, and in swerd, and in sending out.

26 And thou hast set the temple in which thi name was clepid to help, as this dai schewith, for the wickidnesse of the hous of Israel, and of the hous of Juda.

27 And thou, oure Lord God, hast do in vs bi al thi goodnesse, and bi al that greet merciful doyng of thee,

28 as thou spakest in the hond of thi child Moises, in the dai in which thou comaundidist to hym to write thi lawe bifore the sones of Israel, and seidist,

29 If ye heren not my vois, this greet ournyng and myche schal be turned in to the leest among hethene men, whidur Y schal scatere hem.

30 For Y woot, that the puple schal not here me, for it is a puple of hard nol. And it schal turne to her herte in the lond of her caitiftee;

31 and thei schulen wite, that Y am the Lord God of hem. And Y schal yyue to hem an herte, and thei schulen vndurstonde, and eeris, and thei schulen here.

32 And thei schulen herie me in the lond of her caitiftee, and thei schulen be myndeful of my name.

33 Thei schulen turne awei hem silf fro her hard bak, and fro her wickidnessis; for thei schulen haue mynde of the wei of her fadris, that synneden ayens me.

34 And Y schal ayen clepe hem in to the lond, which Y swoor to yyue to the fadris of hem, to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; and thei schulen be lordis of it. And Y schal multiplie hem, and thei schulen not be maad lesse.

35 And Y schal ordeyne to hem an other testament euerlastynge, that Y be to hem in to God, and thei schulen be to me in to a puple. And Y schal no more moue my puple, the sones of Israel, fro the lond which Y yaf to hem.