Baruch 5

1 Jerusalem, vnclothe thee of the stoole of thi mourenyng, and trauelyng; and clothe thou thee in the fairnesse, and onour of it, which is of God to thee in euerlastynge glorie.

2 God of ryytfulnesse schal cumpasse thee with a double cloth, and schal sette on thin heed a mytre of euerlastynge onour.

3 For God schal schewe his briytnesse in thee, which is vndur heuene.

4 For thi name schal be namyd of God to thee with outen ende, The pees of riytfulnesse, and the onour of pitee.

5 Jerusalem, rise vp, and stonde in an hiy place, and biholde aboute to the eest; and se thi sones gaderid togidere fro the sunne risynge til to the west in the word of the hooli, that maken ioie in the mynde of God.

6 For thei yeden out fro thee, and weren led of enemyes on feet; but the Lord schal brynge to thee hem borun in to honour, as the sones of rewme.

7 For God hath ordeyned to make low ech hiy hil, and euerlastynge rochis of stoon, and gret valeis, to fille the uneuenesse of erthe; that Israel go diligentli in to the onour of God.

8 Forsothe wodis and ech tree of swetnesse schadewiden Israel, bi the comaundement of God.

9 For God schal brynge Israel with mirthe in the liyt of his maieste, with merci and riytfulnesse, which is of hym.