Sirach 31

1 Wakyng of oneste schal make fleischis to faile; and thouyt therof schal take awei sleep.

2 Thouyt of bifore knowyng turneth awey wit; and greuouse siknesse makith sobre the soule.

3 A ryche man trauelide in the gaderyng of catel; and in his reste he schal be fillyd with hise goodis.

4 A pore man trauelide in decreessyng of lijflode; and in the ende he is maad nedi.

5 He that loueth gold, schal not be iustified; and he that sueth wastyng, schal be fillid therof.

6 Many men ben youun in to the fallyngis of gold; and the perdicioun of hem was maad in the feirnesse therof.

7 A tre of offencioun is the gold of hem that maken sacrifice; wo to hem that suen it, and ech vnprudent man schal perische ther ynne.

8 Blissid is a riche man, which is foundun with out wem; and that yede not aftir gold, nether hopide in money, and tresouris.

9 Who is this, and we schulen preyse hym? for he dide merueils in his lijf.

10 Which is preued ther ynne, and is foundun perfit, and euerlastynge glorye schal be to hym? which myyte trespasse, and trespasside not, and do yuels, and dide not.

11 Therfor hise goodis ben stablischid in the Lord; and al the chirche of seyntis schal telle out hise almesdedis.

12 Thou hast sete at a greet boord; opene thou not firste thi cheke on it.

13 Seie thou not, whether tho ben many thingis, that ben on it.

14 Haue thou mynde, that an yuel iye is weiward.

15 What thing worse, than an iye is maad? therfor of al his face he schal wepe, whanne he seeth.

16 Stretche thou not forth first thin hond; and thou defoulid bi enuye, be aschamed.

17 Be thou not oppressid of wyn in a feeste.

18 Vnderstonde of thi silf the thingis, that ben of thi neiybore.

19 Vse thou as a discreet and temperat man these thingis that ben set forth to thee; and be thou not hatid, whanne thou etist myche.

20 Ceesse thou first bicause of lernyng, ethir nurture; and nyle thou be outrageouse, lest perauenture thou offende.

21 And if thou hast sete in the myddis of many men, stretche not forth thin hond sunnere than thei; and axe thou not firste for to drynke.

22 A litil wyn is ful sufficient to a lerned man; and in slepynge thou schalt not trauele for that wyn, and thou schalt not feele trauel.

23 Wakyng, and colre, ether bittir moisture, and gnawyng to an vndiscreet `either vntemperat man.

24 But the sleep of heelthe is in a scars man; he schal slepe `til to the morewtid, and his soule schal delite with hym.

25 And if thou art constreyned in etyng myche, ryse thou fro the myddis, and brake thou; and it schal refreische thee, and thou schalt not brynge sikenesse to thi bodi.

26 Sone, here thou me, and dispise thou not me; and at the laste thou schalt fynde my wordis.

27 In alle thi werkis be thou swift; and al sikenesse schal not come to thee.

28 The lippis of many men schulen blesse a schynynge man in looues; and the witnessyng of his treuthe is feithful.

29 The citee schal grutche in the worste breed; and the witnessyng of wickidnesse therof is soth.

30 Nyle thou excite hem that ben diligent in wyn; for whi wyn hath distried many men.

31 Fier preueth hard irun; so wyn drunkun in drunkenesse schal repreue the hertis of proude men.

32 Euene lijf to men is wyn drunkun in sobrenesse; if thou drynkist it mesurably, thou schalt be sobre.

33 What is the lijf which is maad lesse bi wyn?

34 What defraudith lijf? deth.

35 Wyn was maad in gladnesse, not in drunkenesse, at the bigynnyng.

36 Wyn drunkun mesurabli is ful out ioiyng of soule and of bodi.

37 Sobre drynk is helthe of soule and of bodi.

38 Wyn drunkun myche makith avoiding, and ire, and many fallyngis.

39 Wyn drunkun myche is bitternesse of soule.

40 Strengthe of drunkenesse and hirting of an vnprudent man makith vertu lesse, and makynge woundis.

41 In the feeste of wyn repreue thou not a neiybore; and dispise thou not hym in his mirthe.

42 Seye thou not wordis of schenschipe to hym; and oppresse thou not hym in axynge.