Sirach 30

1 He that loueth his sone, yyueth bisili betingis to hym, that he be glad in hise laste thing, and that the sone touche not the doris of neiyboris.

2 He that techith his sone, schal be preisid in hym; and schal haue glorie in hym in the myddis of menyals.

3 He that techith his sone, sendith the enemye in to enuye; and in the myddis of frendis he schal haue glorie in that sone.

4 The fadir of hym is deed, and he is as not deed; for he hath left aftir hym a sone lijk hym.

5 He siy in his lijf, and was glad in hym; and in his deth he was not sori, nether was aschamed bifore enemyes.

6 For he lefte a defendere of the hous ayens enemyes; and yeldynge grace to frendis.

7 For the soulis of sones he schal bynde togidere hise woundis; and hise entrails schulen be disturblid on ech vois.

8 An hors vntemyd, `ether vnchastisid, schal ascape hard, and a sone vnchastisid schal ascape heedi.

9 Flatere thou the sone, and he schal make thee dredinge; pleie thou with hym, and he schal make thee sory.

10 Leiye thou not with hym, lest thou haue sorewe togidere, and at the laste thi teeth schulen be astonyed.

11 Yyue thou not power to hym in yongthe, and dispise thou not hise thouytis.

12 Boowe thou his necke in yongthe, and bete thou hise sidis, while he is a yong child; lest perauenture he wexe hard, and bileue not to thee, and he schal be sorewe of soule to thee.

13 Teche thi sone, and worche in hym; lest thou offende in to the filthe of hym.

14 Betere is a pore man hool, and strong in myytis, than a riche man feble, and betun with malice.

15 The helthe of soule is in the hoolynesse of riytfulnesse, and it is betere than ony gold and siluer; and a strong bodi is betere than ful myche catel.

16 No catel is aboue the catel of helthe of bodi; and no likyng is aboue the ioie of herte.

17 Betere is deth than bittir lijf, and euerlastinge reste is betere than siknesse dwellynge contynueli.

18 Goodis hid in a closid mouth ben as settyngis forth of metis set aboute a sepulcre.

19 What schal sacrifice profite to an idol? for whi it schal not ete, nether schal smelle.

20 So he that is dryuun awei fro the Lord, and berith the medis of wickidnesse,

21 seynge with iyen and weilynge inwardli, as a geldynge biclippynge a virgyn, and siyyynge.

22 Yyue thou not sorewe to thi soule, and turmente not thi silf in thi counsel.

23 Mirthe of herte, this is the lijf of man, and is tresour of hoolynesse with outen failyng; and ful out ioiyng of a man is long lijf.

24 Haue thou mercy on thi soule, and plese thou God; and holde togidere and gadere togidere thin herte in the hoolynesse of hym, and putte fer awei sorewe fro thee.

25 For whi sorewe hath slayn many men; and noon heelthe is ther ynne.

26 Enuye and wrathfulnesse schulen make lesse daies; and thouytys schulen brynge eldnesse bifore the tyme.

27 A schynynge herte is good in metis; for whi meetis therof ben maad diligentli.