Cânticos 7

1 Douytir of the prince, thi goyngis ben ful faire in schoon; the ioyncturis of thi heppis ben as brochis, that ben maad bi the hond of a crafti man.

2 Thi nawle is as a round cuppe, and wel formed, that hath neuere nede to drynkis; thi wombe is as an heep of whete, biset aboute with lilies.

3 Thi twei teetis ben as twei kidis, twynnes of a capret.

4 Thi necke is as a tour of yuer; thin iyen ben as cisternes in Esebon, that ben in the yate of the douyter of multitude; thi nose is as the tour of Liban, that biholdith ayens Damask.

5 Thin heed is as Carmele; and the heeres of thin heed ben as the kyngis purpur, ioyned to trowyis.

6 Dereworthe spousesse, thou art ful fair, and ful schappli in delices.

7 Thi stature is licned to a palm tree, and thi tetis to clustris of grapis.

8 I seide, Y schal stie in to a palm tree, and Y schal take the fruytis therof. And thi tetis schulen be as the clustris of grapis of a vyner; and the odour of thi mouth as the odour of pumgranatis;

9 thi throte schal be as beste wyn. Worthi to my derlyng for to drynke, and to hise lippis and teeth to chewe.

10 Y schal cleue by loue to my derlyng, and his turnyng schal be to me.

11 Come thou, my derlyng, go we out in to the feeld; dwelle we togidere in townes.

12 Ryse we eerli to the vyner; se we, if the vyner hath flourid, if the flouris bryngen forth fruytis, if pumgranatis han flourid; there I schal yyue to thee my tetis.

13 Mandrogoris han youe her odour in oure yatis; my derlyng, Y haue kept to thee alle applis, new and elde.