Cânticos 2

1 I am a flour of the feeld, and a lilye of grete valeis.

2 As a lilie among thornes, so is my frendesse among douytris.

3 As an apple tre among the trees of wodis, so my derlyng among sones. I sat vndur the shadewe of hym, whom Y desiride; and his fruyt was swete to my throte.

4 The king ledde me in to the wyn celer; he ordeynede charite in me.

5 Bisette ye me with flouris, cumpasse ye me with applis; for Y am sijk for loue.

6 His left hond is vndur myn heed; and his riyt hond schal biclippe me.

7 Ye douytris of Jerusalem, Y charge you greetli, bi capretis, and hertis of feeldis, that ye reise not, nether make to awake the dereworthe spousesse, til sche wole. The vois of my derlyng; lo!

8 this derlyng cometh leepynge in mounteyns, and skippynge ouer litle hillis.

9 My derlyng is lijk a capret, and a calf of hertis; lo! he stondith bihynde oure wal, and biholdith bi the wyndows, and lokith thorouy the latisis.

10 Lo! my derlyng spekith to me, My frendesse, my culuer, my faire spousesse, rise thou, haaste thou, and come thou;

11 for wyntir is passid now, reyn is goon, and is departid awei.

12 Flouris apperiden in oure lond, the tyme of schridyng is comun; the vois of a turtle is herd in oure lond,

13 the fige tre hath brouyt forth hise buddis; vyneris flourynge han youe her odour. My frendesse, my fayre spousesse, rise thou, haaste thou, and come thou.

14 My culuer is in the hoolis of stoon, in the chyne of a wal with out morter. Schewe thi face to me, thi vois sowne in myn eeris; for thi vois is swete, and thi face is fair.

15 Catche ye litle foxis to vs, that destrien the vyneris; for oure vyner hath flourid.

16 My derlyng is to me, and Y am to hym, which is fed among lilies;

17 til the dai sprynge, and schadewis be bowid doun. My derlyng, turne thou ayen; be thou lijk a capret, and a calf of hertis, on the hillis of Betel.