Ezequiel 11

1 And the spirit reiside me, and ledde me with ynne to the eest yate of the hous of the Lord, that biholdith the risyng of the sunne. And lo! in the entryng of the yate weren fyue and twenti men; and Y siy in the myddis of hem Jeconye, the sone of Assur, and Pheltie, the sone of Banaie, princes of the puple.

2 And he seide to me, Thou, sone of man, these ben the men that thenken wickidnesse, and treten the worste counsel in this citee,

3 and seien, Whether housis weren not bildid a while ago? this is the cawdrun, forsothe we ben fleischis.

4 Therfor profesie thou of hem, profesie thou, sone of man.

5 And the Spirit of the Lord felle in to me, and seide to me, Speke thou, The Lord seith these thingis, Ye hous of Israel spaken thus, and Y knewe the thouytis of youre herte;

6 ye killiden ful many men in this citee, and ye filliden the weies therof with slayn men.

7 Therfor the Lord seith these thingis, Youre slayn men, whiche ye puttiden in the myddis therof, these ben fleischis, and this is the cawdrun; and Y schal lede you out of the myddis therof.

8 Ye dredden swerd, and Y schal brynge in swerd on you, seith the Lord God.

9 And Y schal caste you out of the myddis therof, and Y schal yyue you in to the hond of enemyes, and Y schal make domes in you.

10 Bi swerd ye schulen falle doun, Y schal deme you in the endis of Israel; and ye schulen wite, that Y am the Lord.

11 This schal not be to you in to a cawdrun, and ye schulen not be in to fleischis in the myddis therof; Y schal deme you in the endis of Israel,

12 and ye schulen wite, that Y am the Lord. For ye yeden not in myn heestis, and ye dyden not my domes, but ye wrouyten bi the domes of hethene men, that ben in youre cumpas.

13 And it was doon, whanne Y profesiede, Pheltie, the sone of Banaie, was deed; and Y felle doun on my face, and Y criede with greet vois, and seide, Alas! alas! alas! Lord God, thou makist endyng of the remenauntis of Israel.

14 And the word of the Lord was maad to me,

15 and he seide, Sone of man, thi britheren, thi kynes men, and al the hous of Israel, and alle men, to whiche the dwelleris of Jerusalem seiden, Go ye awei fer fro the Lord, the lond is youun to vs in to possessioun.

16 Therfor the Lord God seith these thingis, For Y made hem fer among hethene men, and for Y scateride hem in londis, Y schal be to hem in to a litil halewyng, in the londis to whiche thei camen.

17 Therfor speke thou, The Lord God seith these thingis, Y schal gadere you fro puplis, and Y schal gadere you togidere fro londis, in whiche ye ben scatered; and Y schal yyue the erthe of Israel to you.

18 And thei schulen entre thidur, and schulen do awei alle offenciouns, and alle abhomynaciouns therof in that dai.

19 And Y schal yyue to hem oon herte, and Y schal yyue a newe spirit in the entrails of hem; and Y schal take awei a stony herte fro the fleisch of hem, and Y schal yyue to hem an herte of fleisch;

20 that thei go in my comaundementis, and kepe my domes, and do tho; and that thei be in to a puple to me, and Y be in to God to hem.

21 But of whiche the herte goith after her offendyngis and abhomynaciouns, Y schal sette the weie of hem in her heed, seith the Lord God.

22 And the cherubyns reisiden her wyngis, and the wheelis yeden with tho, and the glorie of God of Israel was on tho.

23 And the glorie of the Lord stiede fro the myddis of the citee, and stood on the hil, which is at the eest of the citee.

24 And the spirit reiside me, and brouyte me in to Caldee, to the passyng ouer, in visioun bi the spirit of God; and the visioun which Y hadde seyn, was takun awei fro me.

25 And Y spak to the passyng ouer alle the wordis of the Lord, whiche he hadde schewid to me.