Ezequiel 19

1 And thou, sone of man, take weiling on the princes of Israel;

2 and thou schalt seie, Whi thi modir, a lionesse, lai among liouns? In the myddis of litle liouns sche nurschide hir whelpis,

3 and ledde out oon of hir litle liouns; he was maad a lioun, and he lernyde to take prei, and to ete men.

4 And hethene men herden of hym, and token hym not withouten her woundis; and thei brouyten hym in chaynes in to the lond of Egipt.

5 Which modir whanne sche hadde seyn, that sche was sijk, and the abiding of hym perischide, took oon of her litle liouns, and made hym a lioun.

6 Which yede among liouns, and was maad a lioun;

7 and lernede to take prey, and to deuoure men. He lernyde to make widewis, and to brynge the citees of men in to desert; and the lond and the fulnesse therof was maad desolat, of the vois of his roryng.

8 And hethene men camen togidere ayens hym on ech side fro prouynces, and spredden on hym her net; he was takun in the woundis of tho hethene men.

9 And thei senten hym in to a caue in chaines, and brouyten hym to the kyng of Babiloyne; and thei senten hym in to prisoun, that his vois were no more herd on the hillis of Israel.

10 Thi modir as a vyner in thi blood was plauntid on watre; the fruitis therof and the boowis therof encreessiden of many watris.

11 And sadde yerdis weren maad to it in to septris of lordis, and the stature therof was enhaunsid among boowis; and it siy his hiynesse in the multitude of hise siouns.

12 And it was drawun out in wraththe, and was cast forth in to erthe; and a brennynge wynd dryede the fruyt therof, and the yerdis of strengthe therof welewiden, and weren maad drie, and fier eet it.

13 And now it is plauntid ouer in desert, in a lond with out weie, and thristi.

14 And fier yede out of the yerde of the braunchis therof, that eet the fruyt therof. And a stronge yerde, the ceptre of lordis, was not in it. It is weilyng, and it schal be in to weilyng.