Ezequiel 2

1 This was a siyt of the licnesse of the glorie of the Lord. And Y siy, and felle doun on my face; and Y herde the vois of a spekere. And he seide to me, Thou, sone of man, stonde on thi feet, and Y schal speke with thee.

2 And the spirit entride in to me, after that he spak to me, and settide me on my feet. And Y herde oon spekynge to me,

3 and seiynge, Sone of man, Y sende thee to the sones of Israel, to folkis apostatas, `ether goynge a bak fro feith, that yeden awei fro me; the fadris of hem braken my couenaunt til to this dai.

4 And the sones ben of hard face, and of vnchastisable herte, to whiche Y sende thee. And thou schalt seie to hem, The Lord God seith these thingis;

5 if perauenture nameli thei heren, and if perauenture thei resten, for it is an hous terrynge to wraththe. And thei schulen wite, that a profete is in the myddis of hem.

6 Therfore thou, sone of man, drede not hem, nether drede thou the wordis of hem; for vnbileueful men and distrieris ben with thee, and thou dwellist with scorpiouns. Drede thou not the wordis of hem, and drede thou not the faces of hem, for it is an hous terrynge to wraththe.

7 Therfor thou schalt speke my wordis to hem, if perauenture thei heren, and resten, for thei ben terreris to wraththe.

8 But thou, sone of man, here what euer thingis Y schal speke to thee; and nyle thou be a terrere to wraththe, as the hows of Israel is a terrere to wraththe. Opene thi mouth, and ete what euer thingis Y yyue to thee.

9 And Y siy, and lo! an hond was sent to me, in which a book was foldid togidere. And he spredde abrood it bifor me, that was writun with ynne and with outforth. And lamentaciouns, and song, and wo, weren writun ther ynne.