Sirach 5

1 Nile thou take heed to wickid possessiouns, and seie thou not, Sufficient lijf is to me; for it schal no thing profite in the tyme of veniaunce, and of failynge, ether deth.

2 Sue thou not the coueitise of thin herte in thi strengthe,

3 and seie thou not, As Y myyte, ether who schal make me suget for my dedis? For whi God vengynge schal venge.

4 Seie thou not, Y haue synned, and what sorewful thing bifelle to me? For the hiyeste is a pacient yeldere.

5 Of the foryyuenesse of synnes, nyle thou be without drede, nether heepe thou synne on synne.

6 And seie thou not, The merciful doyng of God is greet; he schal haue merci on the multitude of my synnes.

7 For whi merci and ire neiyeth soone fro hym, and his ire biholdith on synneris.

8 Tarie thou not to be conuertid to the Lord, and dilaie thou not fro dai in to dai.

9 For whi his ire schal come sodeynli, and he schal leese thee in the time of veniaunce.

10 Nyle thou be angwischid in vniust richessis; for tho schulen not profite in the dai of failing, ether of deth, and of veniaunce.

11 Wyndewe thee not in to ech wynd, and go thou not in to ech weie; for so a synnere is preued in double tunge.

12 Be thou stidfast in the weie of the Lord, and in treuthe and kunnyng of thi wit; and the word of pees and riytfulnesse sue thee perfitli.

13 Be thou mylde to here the word of God, that thou vndurstonde, and with wisdom brynge thou forth a trewe answere.

14 If thou hast vndirstondyng, answere thi neiybore; ellis thin hond be on thi mouth, lest thou be takun in a word vnwiseli tauyt, and be aschamed.

15 Onour and glorie is in the word of a wijs man; but the tunge of an vnprudent man is his distriyng.

16 Be thou not clepid a preuy yuel spekere in thi lijf, and be thou not takun in thi tunge, and be aschamed.

17 Schame and penaunce is on a theef, and worst schenschip is on a man of double tunge. Forsothe hatrede and enemytee and dispisyng is to a preuy bacbitere.

18 Iustifie thou a litil man and a greet man in lijk maner.