Sirach 47

1 Aftir these thingis Nathan, the profete, roos, in the daies of Dauid.

2 And as ynnere fatnesse departide fro the fleisch, so Dauid fro the sones of Israel.

3 He pleiede with liouns, as with lambren; he dide in lijk maner with beris, as with lambren of scheep.

4 Whether in his yongthe he killide not a giaunt, and took awei schenschip fro the folk?

5 In reisynge the hond in a stoon of a slynge, he castide doun the ful out ioiyng of Golias,

6 where he clepide to help the Lord almyyti; and he yaf in his riyt hond to do awei a stronge man in batel, and to enhaunse the horn of his folk.

7 So he glorifiede hym in ten thousynde, and he preiside hym in the blessyngis of the Lord, in offrynge to hym the coroun of glorie.

8 For he al to-brak enemyes on ech side, and drow out bi the roote Filisteis contrarie, `til in to this dai; he al to-brak the horn of hem, `til in to with outen ende.

9 Dauid in ech werk yaf knouleching to hooli God, and hiy in the word of glorie.

10 Of al his herte he heriede God, and he louyde the Lord that made hym, and yaf to hym power ayens enemyes.

11 And he made syngeris to stonde ayens the auter; and he made swete motetis in the soun of hem.

12 And he yaf fairnesse in halewyngis, and he ournede tymes `til to the endyng of lijf; that thei schulden preise the hooli name of the Lord, and make large eerli the hoolynesse of God.

13 Crist purgide the synnes of hym, and enhaunside his horn with outen ende; and he yaf to hym the testament of kyngis, and the seete of glorie in Israel.

14 Aftir hym roos a witti sone; and for hym he castide doun al the power of enemyes.

15 Salomon regnede in the daies of pees, to whom God made suget alle enemyes, that he schulde make an hous in the name of God, and make redi hoolynesse with outen ende, as he was lerned in his yongthe.

16 And he was fillid with wisdom as a flood is fillid; and his soule vnhilide the erthe.

17 And thou, Salomon, fillidist derk figuratif spechis in licnessis; and thi name was pupplischid to ilis afer, and thou were louyde in thi pees.

18 Londis wondriden in songis, and in prouerbis, and in licnessis, and interpretyngis, ether exposiciouns; and in the name of the Lord,

19 to whom the surname is God of Israel.

20 Thou gaderidist togidere gold as latoun, and thou fillidist siluer as leed.

21 And thou bouwidist thi thies to wymmen; thou haddist power in thi bodi.

22 Thou hast youe a wem in thi glorie, and madist vnhooli thi seed, to brynge in wrathfulnesse to thi children, and thi foli in othere men;

23 that thou schuldist make the rewme departid in to tweyne, and of Effrem to comaunde an hard comaundement.

24 But God schal not forsake his merci, and schal not distrie, nether do awei hise werkis, nether he schal leese fro generacioun the sones sones of his chosun kyng Dauid; and he schal not distrie the seed of hym that loueth the Lord.

25 Forsothe God yaf remenaunt to Jacob, and to Dauid of that generacioun.

26 And Salomon hadde an ende with hise fadris.

27 And he lefte aftir hym of his seed Roboam,

28 the foli of the folk, and made lesse fro prudence; which Roboam turnede awei the folk bi his councel.

29 And Jeroboam, the sone of Nabath, that made Israel to do synne, and yaf to Effraym weie to do synne; and ful many synnes of hem weren plenteuouse,

30 for thei turneden hem awei greetli fro her lond.

31 And the lynage of Effraym souyte al wickidnessis, til defence cam to hem; and delyuerede hem fro alle synnes.