Sirach 36

1 God of alle thingis, haue thou merci on vs; and biholde thou vs, and schewe thou to vs the liyt of thi merciful doyngis.

2 And sende thi drede on hethene men, that souyten not thee, that thei knowe that no God is, no but thou; that thei telle out thi grete dedis.

3 Reise thin hond on hethene men aliens, that thei se thi power.

4 For as thou were halewid in vs in the siyt of hem, so in oure siyt thou schalt be magnefyed in hem;

5 that thei knowe thee, as and we han knowe, that noon othere is God, outakun thee, Lord.

6 Make thou newe signes, and chaunge thou merueilis;

7 glorifie the hond, and the riyt arm.

8 Reise thou stronge veniaunce, and schede out ire;

9 take awei the aduersarie, and turmente the enemye.

10 Haaste thou the tyme, and haue thou mynde on the ende, that thei telle out thi merueils.

11 And he that is sauyd, be deuourid in the ire of flawme; and thei that treten worst thi puple, fynde perdicioun.

12 Al to-breke thou the heed of princis, and of enemyes, seiynge, Noon othere is, outakun vs.

13 Gadere thou togidere alle the lynagis of Jacob, and knowe thei that no God is, no but thou, that thei telle out thi grete dedis; and thou schalt enherite hem, as at the bigynnyng.

14 Haue thou merci on thi puple, on which thi name is clepid in to help; and on Israel, whom thou madist euene to thi firste gendrid sone.

15 Haue thou merci on Jerusalem, the citee of thin halewyng, on the citee of thi reste.

16 Fille thou Syon with thi vertues, that moun not be teld out, and fille thi puple with thi glorie.

17 Yyue thou witnessyng, that at the bigynnyng thei weren thi creaturis; and reise thou preieris, whiche the formere profetis spaken in thi name.

18 Lord, yyue thou meede to hem that abiden thee, that thi prophetis be foundun trewe; and here thou the preier of thi seruauntis.

19 Aftir the blessyng of Aaron yyue thou to thi puple, and dresse thou vs in to the weie of riytfulnesse; that alle men wite, that dwellen in erthe, that thou art God, the biholdere of worldis.

20 The wombe schal ete alle mete, and o mete is betere than another mete.

21 Chekis touchen mete almest, and an vnwise herte resseyueth false wordis.

22 A schrewid herte schal yyue heuynesse, and a wijs man schal ayenstonde it.

23 A womman schal take ech knaue child, and a douytir is betere than a sone.

24 The fairnesse of a womman makith glad the face of hir hosebonde, and sche schal brynge desir ouer al the coueitise of man.

25 If ther is a tunge of heelyng, ther is also of swagyng, and of merci; the hosebonde of hir is not aftir the sones of men.

26 He that hath in possessioun a good womman, bigynneth possessioun; sche is an help lijk hym, and a piler as reste.

27 Where an hegge is not, the possessioun schal be rauyschid awei; and where a womman is not, a nedi man weilith.

28 To whom bileueth he that hath no nest, and bowith doun where euer it is derk, as a theef girt, skippynge out fro citee in to citee?