Sirach 7

1 Nile thou do yuels, and tho schulen not take thee.

2 Departe thou fro wickidnesse, and yuels schulen faile fro thee.

3 Sowe thou not yuels in the forewis of vnriytfulnesse, and thou schalt not repe tho in seuene fold.

4 Nyle thou seke of a man ledyng, nethir of a kyng the chaier of onour.

5 Iustifie thou not thee bifore God, for he is the knowere of the herte; and nyle thou wilne to be seyn wijs anentis the king.

6 Nile thou seke to be maad a iuge, no but thou maist breke wickidnessis bi vertu; lest thou drede the face of a myyti man, and sette sclaundre in thi swiftnesse.

7 Do thou not synne in the multitude of a cytee, nether sende thee in to the puple;

8 nether bynde thou double synnes, for thou schalt not be giltles in oon.

9 Nyle thou be a coward in thi soule, to preie;

10 and dispise thou not to do almes.

11 Seie thou not, God schal biholde in the multitude of my yiftis; and whanne Y schal offre to God alther hiyeste, he schal take my yiftis.

12 Scorne thou not a man in the bitternesse of soule; for whi God is the biholdere, that makith meke, and enhaunsith.

13 Nyle thou loue a leesyng ayens thi brother; nether do thou in lijk maner ayens a frend.

14 Nyle thou wilne to lie ony leesing; for whi the contynuaunce therof is not good.

15 Nyle thou be a ianglere in the multitude of preestis; and reherse thou not a word in thi preier.

16 Haate thou not trauelouse werkis, and erthetilthe maad of the hiyeste.

17 Arette thou not thee in the multitude of vnlernyd men.

18 Haue thou mynde on ire, for it schal not tarie.

19 Make thou meke greetli thi spirit, for whi the veniaunce of the fleisch of an vnpitouse man is fier, and worm.

20 Nyle thou trespasse ayens thi frend dilaiynge monei; nether dispise thou a ful dereworth brother for gold.

21 Nyle thou departe fro a wijs womman, and good, whom thou hast gete in the drede of the Lord; for whi the grace of hir schamefastnesse is aboue gold.

22 Hirte thou not a seruaunt worchynge in treuthe, nether an hirid man yyuynge his lijf.

23 A witti seruaunt be dereworthe to thee as thi soule; defraude thou not hym of fredom, nether forsake thou hym nedi.

24 Beestis ben to thee? take thou heede to tho; and if tho ben profitable, dwelle tho stille at thee.

25 Sones ben to thee? teche thou hem, and bowe thou hem fro her childheed.

26 Douytris ben to thee? kepe thou the bodi of hem, and schewe thou not glad face to hem.

27 Yyue thi douyter to mariage, and thou doist a greet werk; and yyue thou hir to a wijs man.

28 If a womman is to thee aftir thi soule, caste hir not awei; and bitake thou not thee in alle thin herte to an hateful womman.

29 Onoure thi fadir; and foryete thou not the weilyngis of thi modir.

30 Haue thou mynde that thou haddist not be, no but bi hem, and yelde thou to hem as and thei diden to thee.

31 In al thi soule drede thou God, and halewe thou hise preestis.

32 In al thi vertu loue thou him that made thee; and forsake thou not hise mynystris.

33 Onoure thou God of al thi soule; and onoure thou preestis, and clense thee with armes.

34 Yyue thou to hem the part of the firste fruytis, and of purgyng, as also it is comaundid to thee; and of thi negligence purge thou thee with fewe men.

35 Thou schalt offre to the Lord the yyfte of thin armes, and the sacrifice of halewyng, the bigynnyngis of hooli men.

36 And dresse thin hond to a pore man, that thi merci and blessyng be performyd.

37 Grace is youun in the siyt of ech that lyueth; and forbede thou not grace to a deed man.

38 Faile thou not in coumfort to hem that wepen; and go thou with hem that morenen.

39 Be thou not slow to visite a sijk man; for bi these thingis thou schalt be maad stidfast in loue.

40 In alle thi werkis haue thou mynde on thi laste thingis; and thou schalt not do synne withouten ende.