Sirach 48

1 And Elie, the profete, roos as fier; for whi his word brente as a brond.

2 Which brouyte yn hungur on hem, and thei suynge hym weren maad fewe for enuye; for thei myyten not suffre the comaundementis of the Lord.

3 Bi the word of the Lord he held togidere heuene, and castide doun fro it fier to the erthe.

4 So Elie was alargid in his merueils; and who may haue glorie in lijk maner with thee, which tokist awei a deed man fro hellis,

5 fro the eritage of deth, in the word of the Lord God?

6 Which castidist doun kyngis to deth, and hast broke togidere liytli the power of hem, and gloriouse men fro her bed.

7 Which herdist dom in Syna, and in Oreb domes of defence.

8 Which anoyntist kyngis to penaunce, and makist prophetis successouris aftir thee.

9 Which were reseyued in a whirlwynde of fier, in a chare of horsis of fier.

10 Which art writun in the domes of tymes, to plese the wrathfulnesse of the Lord, to recounsele the herte of the fadir to the sone, and to restore the lynagis of Jacob.

11 Thei ben blessid, that siyen thee, and weren maad feir in thi frenschipe;

12 for whi we lyuen oneli in lijf, but after deth oure name schal not be siche.

13 Elie, that was hilid in a whirlewynd; and his spirit was fillid in Elisee. Elisee in hise daies dredde not the prince, and no man ouercam hym bi power;

14 nether ony word ouercam hym, and his deed bodi profesiede.

15 In his lijf he dide wondris ayens kynde; and in deth he wrouyte merueilis.

16 In alle these thingis the puple dide not penaunce, and yeden not awei fro her synnes, til whanne thei weren cast awei fro her lond, and weren scatered in to ech lond.

17 And a ful fewe folk was left, and a prince in the hous of Dauid.

18 Summe of hem diden that, that pleside God; but othere diden many synnes.

19 Ezechie maad strong his citee, and brouyte watir in to the myddis therof; and diggide a rooche with irun, and bildide a pit to watir.

20 In hise daies Senacherib stiede, and sente Rapsaces; and he reiside his hond ayens hem, and he reiside his hond ayens Syon, and was maad proud in his power.

21 Thanne the hertis and hondis of hem weren moued; and thei hadden sorewe as wymmen trauelynge of child.

22 And thei clepiden to help the merciful Lord, and thei spredden abrood the hondis, and reisiden to heuene; and the hooli Lord God herde soone the vois of hem.

23 He hadde not mynde on her synnes, nether yaf hem to her enemyes; but he purgide hem in the hond of Isaie, the hooli profete.

24 The aungel of the Lord castide doun the castels of Assiriens, and al to-brak hem.

25 For whi Ezechie dide that that pleside the Lord, and yede strongli in the weie of Dauith, his fadir; which weie Isaie, the grete profete, and feithful in the siyt of God, comaundide to hym.

26 In the daies of hym the sunne yede ayen abak; and God encreesside lijf to the kyng.

27 With greet spirit Ysaie siy the laste thingis; and he coumfortide the moreneris in Sion, `in to with outen ende.

28 He schewide thingis to comynge, and hid thingis, bifore that tho camen.