Oséias 6

1 In her tribulacioun thei schulen rise eerli to me. Come ye, and turne we ayen to the Lord;

2 for he took, and schal heele vs; he schal smyte, and schal make vs hool.

3 He schal quykene vs after twei daies, and in the thridde dai he schal reise vs, and we schulen lyue in his siyt. We schulen wite, and sue, that we knowe the Lord. His goyng out is maad redi at the morewtid, and he schal come as a reyn to vs, which is timeful and lateful to the erthe.

4 Effraym, what schal Y do to thee? Juda, what schal Y do to thee? Youre merci is as a cloude of the morewtid, and as deew passynge forth eerli.

5 For this thing Y hewide in profetis, Y killide hem in the wordis of my mouth;

6 and thi domes schulen go out as liyt. For Y wolde merci, and not sacrifice, and Y wolde the kunnyng of God, more than brent sacrificis.

7 But thei as Adam braken the couenaunt; there thei trespassiden ayens me.

8 Galaad the citee of hem that worchen idol, is supplauntid with blood; and

9 as the chekis of men `that ben theues. Partener of prestis sleynge in the weie men goynge fro Sichem, for thei wrouyten greet trespasse.

10 In the hous of Israel Y siy an orible thing; there the fornicaciouns of Effraym.

11 Israel is defoulid; but also thou, Juda, sette heruest to thee, whanne Y schal turne the caitiftee of my puple.