Oséias 8

1 A trumpe be in thi throte, as an egle on the hous of the Lord; for that that thei yeden ouer my boond of pees, and braken my lawe.

2 Thei clepiden me to helpe, A! my God, we Israel han knowe thee.

3 Israel hath cast awei good, the enemye schal pursue hym.

4 Thei regnyden, and not of me; thei weren princes, and Y knew not. Thei maden her gold and siluer idols to hem, that thei schulden perische.

5 A! Samarie, thi calf is cast awei; my strong veniaunce is wrooth ayens hem. Hou long moun thei not be clensid?

6 for also it is of Israel. A crafti man made it, and it is not god; for the calf of Samarie schal be in to webbis of ireyns.

7 For thei schulen sowe wynd, and thei schulen repe whirlewynd. A stalke stondynge is not in hem, the seed schal not make mele; that if also it makith mele, aliens schulen ete it.

8 Israel is deuouryd; now Israel is maad as an vnclene vessel among naciouns,

9 for thei stieden to Assur. Effraym is a wielde asse, solitarie to hym silf. Thei yauen yiftis to louyeris;

10 but also with meede thei hiriden naciouns. Now Y schal gadere hem togidere, and thei schulen reste a litil fro birthun of the kyng and of princes.

11 For Efraym multipliede auteris to do synne, auteris weren maad to hym in to trespas.

12 Y schal write to hem my many fold lawis, that ben arettid as alien lawis.

13 Thei schulen brynge sacrifices, thei shulen offre, and ete fleischis; and the Lord schal not resseyue tho. Now he schal haue mynde on the wickidnessis of hem, and he schal visite the synnes of hem; thei schulen turne in to Egipt.

14 And Israel foryat his makere, and bildide templis to idols, and Judas multipliede stronge citees; and Y schal sende fier in to the citees of hym, and it schal deuoure the housis of hym.