Sirach 49

1 The mynde of Josie maad in the makyng of odour, is the werk of a pyment makere.

2 In ech mouth his mynde schal be maad swete as hony, and as musik in the feeste of wyn.

3 He was dressid of God in the penaunce of folk; and he took awei the abhomynaciouns of wickidnesse.

4 And the herte of hym gouernede to the Lord; and in the daies of synnes he strengthide pitee.

5 Outakun Dauid, Ezechie and Josie, alle kyngis diden synne.

6 For whi the kyngis of Juda leften the lawe of myyti God, and dispisiden the drede of God.

7 For thei yauen her rewme to othere men, and her glorie to an alien folk.

8 Thei brenten the chosun citee of hoolynesse; and thei maden the weies therof forsakun in the hond of Jeremye.

9 For thei tretiden yuel hym, which from the wombe of the modir was halewid a profete, to turne vpsedoun, and to leese, and efte to bilde, and make newe.

10 Ezechiel, that siy the siyt of glorie, which the Lord schewide to hym in the chare of cherubyn.

11 For he made mynde of enemyes in reyn, to do wel to hem, that schewiden riytful weies.

12 And the boonys of twelue profetis apperen fro her place; and thei strengthiden Jacob, and ayenbouyten hem in the feith of her vertu.

13 Hou schulen we alarge Zorobabel? for whi and he was a signe in the riyt hond of God to Israel;

14 and Jhesu, the sone of Josedech? whiche in her daies bildiden an hous, and enhaunsiden the hooli temple to the Lord, maad redi in to euerlastynge glorie.

15 And Neemye in the mynde of myche tyme, that reiside to vs the wallis, `that weren cast doun, and made the yatis and lockis to stonde; which Neemye reiside oure housis.

16 No man borun in erthe was such as Enok; for whi and he was resseyued fro the erthe.

17 And Joseph, that was borun a man, the prince of britheren, the stidfastnesse of folk, the gouernour of britheren, the stablischyng of puple;

18 and his boonys weren visitid, and profesieden after deth.

19 Seth and Sem, these gaten glorie anentis men, and ouer ech man in the generacioun of Adam.