1 Esdras 5

1 Aftir thes thingis forsothe ther weren pryncis chosen of townus, that thei schulden wende up, bi housis, bi her lynagis, and the wyues of hem, and the sonus and douytris of hem, and seruauntis and hand maydens of hem, and her bestis.

2 And kyng Darye sende togidre with hem a thousynd hors men, to the tyme that thei brouyte hem in to Jerusalem, with pees, and with musikis, and tymbres, and trumpis; and alle the britheren weren pleiynge.

3 And he made hem to stie up togidre with hem.

4 And thes ben the names of the men, that yeden up, bi her tounnes, in to lynagis, and in to part of the princehod of hem.

5 Prestis; the sones of Fynees, the sones of Aaron, Jesus, the sone of Josedech, Joachim, the sone of Sorobabel, sone of Salathiel, of the hous of Dauid, of the progenye of Phares, of the lynage forsothe of Juda,

6 that spac vndir Darij, king of Persis, merueylous doynge wordis, in the secounde yeer of his rewme, in Aprel, the firste monthe.

7 Forsothe thes it ben, that stieden up of Juda fro the caitiftee, or thraldom, of the transmygracioun, whom Nabugodonosor, kyng of Babiloyne, translatide in to Babiloyne; and ech is turned ayen in to Jerusalem,

8 and in to alle the citees of Judee, ech in to his owne citee, that camen with Sorobabel, and with Jesu; Neemyas, Ariores, and Elymeo, Emmanyo, Mardocheo, Beelsuro, Methsatothor, Olioro, Eboma, oon of the princis of hem.

9 And the noumbre fro the Gentiles of hem, fro the prouostis, or reeuys, of hem; the sones of Phares, two thousynd an hundrid seuenty and two;

10 the sones of Ares, thre thousynd and fifty and seuen;

11 the sones of Phemo, an hundrid and two and fourty; the sones of Jesu and of Joabes, a thousynd thre hundrid and two;

12 the sones of Denny, two thousynd foure hundrid and seuenty; the sones of Choroba, two hundrid and fyue; the sones of Banycha, an hundrid and sixty and eiyte;

13 the sones of Bebeth, foure hundrid and thre; the sones of Arcad, foure hundrid and seuen and twenty;

14 the sones of Thau, seuen and thritty; the sonis of Zozaar, two thousynd sixty and seuen; the sones of Adymy, foure hundrid and oon and sixty;

15 the sones of Azeroectis, an hundrid and eiyte; the sonus of Ziazo and Zelas, an hundrid and seuene; the sones of Azoroch, foure hundrid and nyne and thritty;

16 the sones of Jebdarbone, an hundrid and two and thritty; the sones of Ananye, an hundrid and thritty;

17 the sones of Arsom; the sones of Marsar, foure hundrid and two and twenty; the sones of Saberus, nynty and fyue; the sones of Sophelemon, an hundrid and thre and twenty;

18 the sones of Nepobai, fyue and fifty; the sones of Ecbanatus, an hundrid and eiyt and fifty; the sones of Ebethamus, an hundrid and two and thritty;

19 the sones of Octatarpatros, the whiche weren clepid Enochadies and Modie, foure hundrid and two and twenti; thei that weren of Gramas and Gabia, an hundrid and oon and twenti; the whiche weren of Besellon and of Agie,

20 fyue and sixty; thei that weren of Bascharo, an hundrid and two and twenty; the whiche of Bethonobes, fyue and fifty;

21 the sones of Lippis, an hundrid and fyue and fifty; the sones of Jabomy, thre hundrid and seuen and fifty;

22 the sones of Sichem, thre hundrid and seuenty; the sones of Sanadon and of Chamus, thre hundrid and seuenty and eiyte;

23 the sones of Ericus, two thousynd an hundrid and fyue and fifty; the sones of Anaas, thre hundrid and seuenty.

24 Prestis; the sones of Jeddus, the sones of Enytem, the sones of Eliazib, thre hundrid and two and seuenty; the sones of Emmechus, two hundrid and two and fifty;

25 the sones of Sasurij, thre hundrid and seuen and fifty; the sones of Charee, two hundrid and seuen and twenty.

26 Dekens; the sonus of Jesu, in Caduel, and Banus, and Serebias, and Edias, foure and seuenty; al the noumbre fro the two and twenty yeer, thritti thousynd foure hundrid and two and sixty; sones,

27 and douytris, and wyues, al the noumbryng, sixty thousynd two hundrid and two and fourty.

28 The sones of prestis, that sungen in the temple; the sones of Asaph, an hundrid and eiyt and twenty.

29 Vschers forsothe; the sones of Esueum, the sones of Ather, the sones of Amon, the sones of Accuba Copa, the sones of Thoby, alle an hundrid and nyne and thritty.

30 Prestis, seruynge in the temple; sones of Sel, the sones of Gasipa, the sones of Tabloth, the sones of Carie, the sones of Su, the sones of Phellu, the sones of Labana, the sones of Acmathi, the sones of Accub, the sones of Vta, the sones of Cetha, the sones of Agab, the sones of Obay, the sones of Anan, the sones of Chayma, the sones of Jeddu,

31 the sones of An, the sones of Radyn, the sones of Desamyn, the sones of Nechoba, the sones of Caseba, the sones of Gase, the sones of Osyn, the sones of Phynoe, the sones of Atren, the sones of Bascem, the sones of Aziana, the sones of Manay, the sones of Naphisym, the sones of Accuphu, the sones of Agista, the sonus of Aria Phausym, the sones of Phasaluon, the sones of Meeda,

32 the sones of Phusia, the sones of Careth, the sones of Barthus, the sones of Caree, the sones of Thoesy, the sones of Nasith, the sones of Agisty, the sones of Pedon.

33 Salmon, the sones of hym, the sones of Asophoth, the sones of Pharida, the sones of Thely, the sones of Dedon, the sones of Gaddahel, the sones of Cephegy,

34 the sones of Aggya, the sones of Phacareth, the sones of Sabathan, the sones of Saroneth, the sones of Malcie, the sones of Ame, the sones of Saphuy, the sones of Addus, the sones of Suba, the sones of Eirra, the sones of Rabatis, the sones of Phasophat, the sonus of Malmon.

35 Alle thes weren in holy seruyng; and the children of Salmon weren foure hundrid foure score and two.

36 These ben the sones that yeden up to Athemel and Thersas; the princis of hem weren Carmellam and Careth; and thei myyten not telle out her citees,

37 and her progenyes, what manere thei ben; and of Israel, the sones of Dalarij, the sones of Tubam, the sones of Nechodaicy.

38 And of the prestis, that vsiden presthod, and weren founden; the sones of Obia, the sones of Achisos, the sones of Addyn, that token Vmyn wijf, of the douytris of Phargelen,

39 and thei ben clepid bi the name of hir; and of thes is souyt the genologie writen of the kynrede, and thei ben forfendid to vsen presthode.

40 And Neemye seide to hem, and Astaras, that thei take not part of the hooly thingis, til the tyme that ther arijse a tauyt bischop, in to schewyng and treuthe.

41 Al Israel forsothe was twelff thousynd, out take seruauntis and hand maidens, two and fourty thousynd thre hundrid and sixti.

42 The seruauntis of hand maidens weren seuen thousynd thre hundrid and seuen and thritty; syngers and singsters, two hundrid and fyue and sixty;

43 cameils, foure hundrid and fyue and thritty; horsis, seuen thousind sixe and thritti; mules, two hundrid thousynd and fyue and fourty; bestis vndir yok, fyue thousynd and fyue and twenty.

44 And of tho prouostis, or reeues, bi tounnes, while thei schulden come in to the temple of God, that was in Jerusalem, to ben avowid to rere up the temple in his place, aftir her vertue;

45 and the hooly tresorie to be youen in to the temple of werkis, weren elleuen thousynd besauntis, and an hundrid prestis stolis.

46 And ther dwelliden prestis, and dekens, and othere, that weren of the peple, in Jerusalem, and in the rewme; and the hooly syngers, and vsshers, and al Israel, in her regiouns.

47 While the seuenthe monthe yitt lastide, and whanne the sonus of Israel weren ech in his owne thingis, thei camen togidre of oon accord in to the porche, that was bifore the eest yate.

48 And while Jesus, the sone of Josedech, and his bretheren, prestis, stoden, and Sorobabel, the sone of Salatiel, and his bretheren, thei maden redy an auter, that thei wolden offre on it brent sacrifices,

49 aftir tho thingis that ben writen in the book of Moyses, the man of God.

50 And ther camen to hem of othere naciouns of the loond, and reriden the holy tresorie in his place, alle the folk of the lond; and thei offriden oostis, and brent sacrifises of the morutijd to the Lord.

51 And thei diden the feest of tabernaclis, and a solempne dai, as it is writen in the lawe, and sacrifises ech day, as it bihouyde.

52 And aftir thes thinges thei ordeyneden offryngis, and oostis of sabotis, and of newe mones, and of alle solempne daies halewid.

53 And hou many euere vowiden to the Lord, fro the tyme of the newe moone of the seuenthe monthe, thei token oostis to offren to God; and the temple of the Lord was not yitt bildid up.

54 And thei yauen money to masouns, and to wriytis, and drynkis and metis with ioye.

55 And thei yauen carris to Sydonyes and to Tyres, that thei schulden carie ouer to hem fro Lyban wode cedre beemes, and to make a nauee in to the haauen of Joppe, aftir the decree that was writen to hem fro Cyro, kyng of Persis.

56 And in the secounde yeer thei camen in to the temple of God, in to Jerusalem; the secunde monthe Sorobabel biganne, the sone of Salatiel, and Jesus, the sone of Josedech, and the bretheren of hem, and prestis, and Leuytis, and alle thei that camen fro the caitiftee in to Jerusalem; and founden the temple of God,

57 in the newe moone of the secunde monthe of the secunde yeer, whanne thei hadden come in to Judee and to Jerusalem;

58 and setten dekens fro the age of twenty yeer upon the werkis of the Lord. And Jesus stode, his sone, and his bretheren, alle the dekens togidre castynge, and executours, or folewers, of the lawe, and doynge werkis in the hous of the Lord.

59 And ther stoden prestis, hauynge stoles, or longe clothis, with trumpis, and Leuytis, the sones of Asaph,

60 hauynge cymbals, togidre preisyng the Lord, and blessynge him, aftir the maner of Dauid, kyng of Israel.

61 And thei sungen a song to the Lord, for his swetnesse and his worschip in to worldis, or euer, upon al Israel.

62 And al the peple sungen with trumpe, and crieden with gret vois, preisynge togidre the Lord, in the rerynge of the Lordus hous.

63 And ther camen many of the prestis, and of dekens, and of presidentis aftir tounnes, to the eldris that hadden seen the rather hous,

64 and at the bildyng up of this hous, with cry, and with greet weilyng; and many with trumpis,

65 and gret ioye, so that the peple herde not the trumpis, for the gret weilyng of the peple. Forsothe ther was a cumpeny syngynge wirschipfully in trumpe, so that it was herd a ferr.

66 And the enmyes herden the lynagis of Juda and of Beniamyn, and camen to wite, what was this vois of trumpis.

67 And thei knewen, that thei that weren of the caitiftee bildiden the temple to the Lord God of Israel.

68 And the enmyes comynge niy to Sorobabel, and to Jesu, and to the reeues of tounnes, thei seiden to hem, We schul bilde togidre with you.

69 In lijk maner forsothe we haue herd oure Lord, and we haue gon togidre from the daies of Asbasareth, kyng of Assiriens, that ouer passide fro hennes.

70 And Sorobabel, and Jesus, and the princis of the tounnus of Israel seiden to hem,

71 It longith not to us and to you togidere to bilde up the hous of oure God; forsothe we aloone shul bilde the hous of oure God, aftir tho thingis, that Cyrus, kyng of Persis, comaundide.

72 The Gentiles forsothe of the loond leuynge with hem that ben in Judee, and rerynge up the werk of bildyng, and bringynge forth bothe aspies and peple, thei forfendiden hem to bilden up;

73 and thei lettiden men, hauntynge the goynges to, that the bildyng shulde not be endid in al the tyme of the lijf of the kyng Ciry; and thei drowen along the makyng up bi two yeer, vnto the regne of Darij.