1 Esdras 2

1 Regnynge Cyro, kyng of Peersis, in the fulfillyng of the word of the Lord, in the mouth of Jeremye,

2 the Lord reiside up the spirit of Ciry, kyng of Persis; and he prechide in al his rewme togidre bi scripture, seiynge,

3 Thes thingis seith Cirus, kyng of Persis, The Lord of Israel, the hiye Lord, hath ordeyned me kyng to the world of erthis;

4 and he signyfiede to me to bilde to him an hous in Jerusalem, that is in Juda.

5 If ther is ony man of youre kynrede, his Lord stie up with him in to Jerusalem.

6 Therfor hou many euer dwellen in places aboute, helpe thei hem that dwellen in that place, in gold and siluer,

7 in yiftis, with hors, and bestis, and with othere thingis, the whiche aftir vowes ben leid up in to the hous of the Lord, that is in Jerusalem.

8 And the stondynge princis of lynages of townes of Jude, of the lynage of Beniamyn, and prestis and dekens, whom the Lord stiride to wende up, and to bilde up the hous of the Lord, that is in Jerusalem; and thei, that weren in the enuyroun, or in cumpas, of hem, schulden helpe in al siluer and gold of it,

9 and in bestis, and in many vowis; and many othere, of whom the witt is stirid, helpe thei also.

10 And kyng Cirus brouyte forth the sacrid vessels of the Lord, the whiche Nabugodonosor translatide fro Jerusalem, and sacride hem in his mawmett.

11 And Cirus, king of Persis, bryngynge hem forth, toke tho to Mitridate, that was upon the tresours of him.

12 Forsothe bi him thei ben taken to Salmanasar, gouernour of Jude.

13 Of thes thinges forsothe this is the noumbre; silueren halewid vessels of licours, two thousynd and foure hundrid; thritti silueren drinkynge vessels; thritty goldene violes; and two thousynd and foure hundrid silueren violes; and a thousynd othere vessels.

14 Forsothe alle the golden and silueren vessels weren foure thousynd and foure hundrid and eiyt and sixty.

15 And thei ben delyuered out to Salmanasar, togidere with hem, that weren comen in to Jerusalem of the caytiftee or thraldom of Babiloyne.

16 Forsothe in the tyme of Artaxerses, kyng of Persis, ther wreten to him, of thes that dwelliden in Judee and in Jerusalem, Balsamus, and Mitridatus, and Sabelius, and Ratymus, Baltheneus, and Samelius, the scribe, and othere dwellinge in Samarie, and in othere placis, thei writen this subiect lettre to the kyng Artaxersy.

17 Lord, thi children, Ratymus, and Sabelius, the scribe, and othere domes men of thi court, of thingis that fallen in Coelem Siriem, and Fenycen.

18 And now be it knowen to the lord the kyng, that Jewis, the whiche stieden up fro you to us, comynge in to Jerusalem, a citee of fleers awei, and a ful yuel citee, thei bilden up the ouenes of it, and thei setten the wallis, and reren the temple.

19 That if this citee and wallis weren maad up, thei shul not suffre to yelde tributis, but also thei shul ayenstonde to kyngis.

20 And for cause that that thing is done aboute the temple, to haue it riytly we haue demed to not despise that same thing,

21 but to make knowen to the lord kyng, that if it schal be seen plesyng to the king, be it souyt in the bookis of thi fadris;

22 and thou schalt fynde in remembrauncis writen of hem, and thou schalt knowe, that thilke citee was ayen flowun, and kyngis and citees smytinge togidre,

23 and Jewis fleynge ayen, and makinge bateilis in it alwey; for the whiche cause this citee was forsake.

24 Now therfor we maken knowen to the lord king, that if this citee were bild up, and the wallis of it weren arerid, ther schal be no comyng doun to thee in to Choelem Cyriem and Fenycen.

25 Thanne the kyng wroot ayen to Ratimym, that wroot tho thingis that bifellen, and to Bellumym, and to Sabellio, the scribe, and to othere ordeyned souereyns, and dwellinge in Cirye and in Fenyce, he wrot to hem thes thingis that ben sett vndir.

26 I haue rad the lettre, that thou sentist to me. Therfor I comaundide it to be souyt; and it was founden, that thilke citee was alwey withstondynge to kyngis,

27 and men ayen fugitijf, and makynge bateilis in it; and moost stronge kingis han ben lordschipinge in Jerusalem, and askinge tributis of Chole Cirie and Fenycem.

28 Now therfore I comaunde to forfende tho men to bilde up the citee, and to loke, that ony thing be not maad her aftir;

29 but that thei passe not in to ful myche, sith thei ben of malice, so that greuauncis be not brouyt ther to kinges.

30 Thanne aftir thes thingis weren rehersid, that weren writen of Artaxerses, the kyng, Rathinus, and Sabellius, the scribe, and thei that weren with hem ordeyned, ioynynge, hyingly camen in to Jerusalem, with horse men, and peple, and with cumpanye;

31 and thei bigunnen to forfende the buylders. And thei voididen thanne fro the bildyng of the temple, vnto the secounde yeer of the rewme of Darij, kyng of Persis.