1 Esdras 7

1 Thanne Cysennes, the litil vndir kyng of Choelem Cyrie and Fenycen, and Satrabusanes, and her felawis, obeisheden to these thingis, that weren demyd of kyng Darie,

2 and stoden ful diligently in to the hooly werkis, wirchinge togidre with the eldre men of Jewis, princis of Cirie.

3 And the hooly werkis ben maad welsum, as the prophetes Agge and Zacharie prophecieden.

4 And thei fulfilliden alle thingis, aftir the heest of the Lord God of Israel, and aftir the counseil of Cyri, and of Darij, and of Artaxersis, kyng of Persis.

5 And oure hous is endid, in the three and twentithe dai of the monthe of Marche, in the sixte yeer of kyng Darij.

6 And the sones of Israel, and the prestis, and dekens, and othere that weren of the caitiftee, the whiche ben sett to, diden aftir thoo thingis that ben writen in the book of Moyses.

7 And thei offreden in to the dedicatioun of the temple of the Lord, an hundrid bolis, two hundrid wetheris, foure hundrid lambren,

8 twelue kides, for the synnes of al Israel, after the noumbre of the xij. lynages of Israel.

9 And the prestis and dekens stoden, clothid with the stolis, bi her lynagis, upon the werkis of the Lord God of Israel, aftir the book of Moyses; and ther weren porters bi alle the yatis.

10 And the sones of Israel diden that pask, with hem that weren of the caitiftee, in the moone of the first monthe, the fourtenthe day, whanne the prestis and dekens ben halewid.

11 And alle the sones of caitiftee thei ben not halewid togidre, for alle the Leuytis ben halewid togidere.

12 And thei offreden pask to alle the sones of caitiftee, and to her bretheren, prestis, and to them selff.

13 And the sonus of Israel, the whiche weren of the caitiftee, alle thei that hadden left fro alle the cursidnessis of Gentiles, or hethen folk, of the eerthe, eeten, and souyten the Lord;

14 and thei halewiden the feest day of therff looues, seuene daies etynge in siyt of the Lord;

15 for he conuertide the counseil of the kyng of Assirijs in hem, to coumforte the hondis of hem to the werkis of the Lord God of Israel.