Sirach 21

1 Sone, thou hast do synne? adde thou not eft; but biseche thou for the formere synnes, that tho be foryouun to thee.

2 As fro the face of a serpent fle thou synnes; and if thou neiyest to `tho synnes, tho schulen take thee.

3 The teeth of a lioun ben the teeth therof, that sleen the soulis of men.

4 Al wickidnesse is as a scharp swerd on either syde; heelthe is not to the wounde therof.

5 Chidyngis and wrongis schulen distrie catel; and an houe that is ouer riche, schal be distriede bi pride; so the catel of a proude man schal be drawun vp bi the roote.

6 The preyer of a pore man schal come fro the mouth `til to eeris; and doom schal come to hym hastili.

7 He that hatith repreuyng, is a step of the synnere; and he that dredith God, schal be turned to his herte.

8 A miyti man with an hardi tunge is knowun afer; and a witti man kan kepe him silf fro that man.

9 He that bildith his hous with othere mennus costis, is as he that gaderith hise stonys in wyntir.

10 Scheuys gaderid togidere is the synagoge of synneris; and the endyng of hem is the flawme of fier.

11 The weie of synneris is set togidere with stoonys; and in the ende of hem ben hellis, and derknessis, and peynes.

12 He that kepith riytfulnesse, schal holde the wit therof.

13 The perfeccioun of Goddis drede is wisdom and wit.

14 He schal not be tauyt, which is not wijs in good.

15 Forsothe vnwisdom is, which is plenteuouse in yuel; and wit is not, where is bittirnesse.

16 The kunnyng of a wijs man schal be plenteuouse as flowyng; and the councel of hym dwellith as a welle of lijf.

17 The herte of a fool is as a brokun vessel; and it schal not holde ony wisdom.

18 What euer wijs word a kunnynge man herith, he schal preise, and leie to. A letcherouse man herde, and it schal displese hym; and he schal caste it awei bihynde his bak.

19 The tellynge of a fool is as a birthun in the weie; for whi grace schal be foundun in the lippis of a wijs man.

20 The mouth of a prudent man is souyt in the chirche; and men schulen thenke hise wordis in her hertis.

21 As an hous distried, so is wisdom to a fool; and the kunnyng of an vnwijs man is wordis that moun not be teld out.

22 Stockis in the feet is techyng to a fool; and as bondis of hondis on the riyt hond.

23 A fool enhaunsith his vois in leiyyng; but a wijs man schal leiye vnnethis stilli.

24 Techyng is a goldun ournement to a prudent man; and as an ournement of the arm in the riyt arm.

25 The foot of a fool is liyt in to the hous of a neiybore; and a wijs man schal be aschamed of the persoone of a miyti man.

26 A fool biholdith fro the wyndow in to the hous; but a lerned man schal stonde with out forth.

27 It is foli of a man to herkene bi the dore; and a prudent man schal be greuyd bi dispisyng.

28 The lippis of `vnprudent men schulen telle fonned thingis; but the wordis of prudent men schulen be weied in a balaunce.

29 The herte of foolis is in her mouth; and the mouth of wise men is in her herte.

30 Whanne a wickid man cursith the deuel, he cursith his owne soule.

31 A priuy bacbitere schal defoule his soule, and in alle thingis he schal be hatid, and he that dwellith, schal be hatid; a stil man and wijs schal be onourid.