Zacarias 10

1 Axe ye of the Lord reyn in late tyme, and the Lord schal make snowis, and reyn of myyt of cloude; and he schal yyue to hem, to ech bi hym silf, erbe in the feeld.

2 For symylacris spaken vnprofitable thing, and diuynours saien leesyng; and dremeris spaken veynli, ydily thei coumfortiden; therfor thei ben led awei as a floc, thei schulen be turmentid, for a scheepherd is not to hem.

3 On scheepherdis my strong veniaunce is wrooth, and on buckis of geet Y schal visite; for the Lord of oostis hath visitide his floc, the hous of Juda, and hath put hem as an hors of hys glorie in batel.

4 Of hym `schal be a cornere, and of hym a litil pale, of hym a bowe of batel, and of hym ech vniust axere schal go out togidere.

5 And thei schulen be as stronge men, defoulynge clei of weies in batel, and thei schulen fiyte, for the Lord is with hem; and stieris of horsis schulen be confoundid.

6 And Y schal coumforte the hous of Juda, and Y schal saue the hous of Joseph; and Y schal conuerte hem, for Y schal haue merci on hem; and thei schulen be as thei weren, whanne Y hadde not cast awei hem; for Y schal be the Lord God of hem, and Y schal graciousli here hem.

7 And thei schulen be as the stronge of Effraym, and the herte of hem schal be glad, as of wyn; and sones of hem schulen se, and be glad, and the herte of hem schal make ioie withoutforth in the Lord.

8 Y schal hisse, `ether softli speke, to hem, and Y schal gadere hem, for Y ayen bouyte hem, and Y schal multiplie hem, as thei weren multiplied bifore.

9 And Y schal sowe hem in puplis, and fro fer thei schulen bithenke of me; and thei schulen lyue with her sones, and schulen turne ayen.

10 And Y schal `ayen lede hem fro the lond of Egipt, and Y schal gadere hem fro Assiriens; and Y schal brynge hem to the lond of Galaad and of Liban, and place schal not be foundun to hem.

11 And he schal passe in the wawe of the see, and schal smyte wawis in the see, and alle depnessis of flood schulen be confoundid; and the pride of Assur schal be mekid, and the ceptre of Egipt schal go awei.

12 Y schal coumforte hem in the Lord, and thei schulen walke in the name of hym, seith the Lord.