Zacarias 3

1 And the Lord schewide to me the greet prest Jhesu, stondynge bifore the aungel of the Lord; and Sathan stood on his riythalf, that he schulde be aduersarie to hym.

2 And the Lord seide to Sathan, The Lord blame in thee, Sathan, and the Lord that chees Jerusalem, blame in thee. Whether this is not a deed broond rauyschid fro the fier?

3 And Jhesus was clothid with foule clothis, and stood bifor the face of the aungel.

4 Which answeride, and seide to hem that stoden bifor hym, and he seide, Do ye awei foule clothis fro him. And he seide to hym, Lo! Y haue don awei fro thee thi wickidnesse, and Y haue clothid thee with chaungynge clothis.

5 And he seide, Putte ye a clene mytre on his heed. And thei puttiden a cleene mytre on his heed, and clothide him with clothis. And the aungel of the Lord stood,

6 and the aungel of the Lord witnesside to Jhesu,

7 and seide, The Lord of oostis seith these thingis, If thou schalt go in my weies, and schalt kepe my kepynge, also and thou schalt deme myn hous, and schalt kepe my porchis; and Y schal yyue to thee goeris, of these that now here stonden niy.

8 Here thou, Jhesu, greet preest, thou and thi frendis that dwellen bifore thee, for thei ben men signefiynge thing to comyng. Lo! sotheli Y schal brynge my seruaunt spryngynge up, ether Crist borun.

9 For lo! the stoon which Y yaf bifor Jhesu, on o stoon ben seuene iyen; and lo! Y schal graue the grauyng therof, seith the Lord of oostis, and Y schal do a wei the wickidnesse of that lond in o dai.

10 In that dai, seith the Lord of oostis, a man schal clepe his frend vndur a vyn tre, and vndur a fige tre.