Lucas 18

1 He spoke and also a parable to them, in order that ought always to pray, and not to be weary,

2 saying: A judge certain was in a certain city, the God not fearing, and man not regarding.

3 A widow and was in the city that; and she went to him, saying: Do justice me from the opponent of me.

4 And not he would for a time. Afterwards but these he said in himself: If even the God not I fear, and man not I regard;

5 through the to render to me trouble the window this, I will do justice her; that not to end coming she should pester me.

6 Said and the Lord: Hear you, what the judge the unjust says.

7 The and God not not will do the justice for the chosen ones of himself those crying to him day and night, and bearing long towards them?

8 I say to you, that he will do the justice for them in an instant. But the son of the man coming indeed will he find the faith on the earth?

9 He spoke and also to some those trusting in themselves that they are just ones, and despising the others, the parable this:

10 Men two went up into the temple to pray; the one a Pharisee, and the other a tax–gather.

11 The Pharisee, standing by himself, these he prayed: The God, I give thanks to thee, that not I am like the others of the men, plunders, unjust ones, adulterers, or even like this the tax–gatherer.

12 I fast twice of the week, I tithe all what I acquire.

13 And the tax–gather at a distance having been standing not would not even the eyes to the heaven lift up; but he smote on the breast of himself, saying: The God, be propitious to me the sinner.

14 I say to you, went down this having been justified to the house of himself, or for that; for every one the exalting himself, will be humbled; he but humbling himself, will be exalted.

15 They brought and to him also the infants, that them he might touch; seeing and the disciples rebuked them.

16 The but Jesus calling to them, he said: Allow the little children to come to me, and not forbid them; for the because such like is the kingdom of the God.

17 Indeed I say to you, who ever not may receive the kingdom of the God as little child, not not may enter into her.

18 And asked certain him ruler, saying: O teacher good, what shall I do life age–lasting to inherit?

19 Said and to him the Jesus: Why me callest thou good? no one good, if not one, the God.

20 The commandments thou knowest: Not thou mayest commit adultery not thou mayest kill; and not thou mayest steal; not thou mayest bear false testimony; honor the father of thee, and the mother of thee.

21 He and said: These all I observed from youth of me.

22 Having heard and these the Jesus, said to him: Yet one to thee is wanting; all what thou hast sell, and give thou to poor ones, and thou shalt have a treasure in heaven; and come, follow me.

23 Her and having heard these, greatly grieved became; he was for rich exceedingly.

24 Seeing and him the Jesus greatly grieved becoming, said: How with difficulty those the riches having shall enter into the kingdom of the God.

25 Easier for it is, a camel through hole of a needle to enter, than a rich man into the kingdom of the God to enter.

26 Said and those having heard: And who is able to be saved?

27 He but said: The things impossible with men, possible is with the God.

28 Said and the Peter: Lo, we left all and followed thee.

29 He and said to them: Indeed I say to you, that no one is who left house, or parents, or brethren, or wife, or children, on account of the kingdom of the God,

30 who not not may receive many times more in the season this, and in the age the coming life age–lasting.

31 Having taken and the twelve, he said to them: Lo, we go to Jerusalem, and will be finished all the having been written through the prophets in the son of the man.

32 He will be delivered up for to the Gentiles, and will be derided, and will be shamefully treated, and will be spit on;

33 and having been scourged they will kill him; and the day the third he will stand up.

34 And they not one of these understood; and was the thing this having been hidden from them, and not they knew the things being spoken.

35 It happened and in the to draw nigh him to Jericho, a blind man certain sat by the way begging.

36 Hearing and a crowd passing along, he asked, what may be this?

37 They told and him, that Jesus the Nazarene passes by.

38 And he shouted, saying: Jesus, O son of David, pity me.

39 And those going before rebuked him, that he might be silent. He but much more cried out: O son of David, pity me.

40 Stopping and the Jesus commanded him to be led to himself. Having come and of him, he asked him,

41 saying: What for thee desirest I should do? He and said: O lord, that I may see again.

42 And the Jesus said to him: See thou again; the faith of thee has saved thee.

43 And instantly he saw again, and followed him, glorifying the God; and all the people seeing, gave praise to the God.