Lucas 16

1 He said and also to the disciples of himself: A man certain was rich, who had a steward; and this was accused to him as wasting the possessions of him.

2 And having called him, he said to him: What this I hear concerning thee? render the account of the stewardship of thee; not for thou wilt be able longer to be steward.

3 Said and in himself the steward: What shall I do, for the lord of me takes the stewardship from me? To dig not I have strength, to beg I am ashamed.

4 I know what i will do, that, when I may be put out of the stewardship, they may receive me into the house of themselves.

5 And having summoned one each of the debtors of the lord of himself, he said to the first: How much owest thou to the lord of me?

6 He and said: A hundred baths of oil. And he said to him: Receive of thee the bill, and sitting down quickly write thou fifty.

7 Then to another he said: Thou and how much owest thou? He and said: A hundred cors of wheat. And he says to him: Receive of thee the bill, and write eighty.

8 And praised the lord the steward the unjust, because prudently he had done; for the sons of the age this more prudent above the sons of the light for the generation that of themselves are.

9 And I to you say: Make you to yourselves friends out of the mammon of the unjust; that, when you may fail, they may receive you into the age–lasting tabernacles.

10 He faithful in least also in much faithful is; and he in least unjust, and in much unjust is.

11 If therefore in the unrighteous mammon faithful not you have been, the true who to you will entrust?

12 and if in the another faithful not you have been, the yours who to you will give?

13 No one domestic is able two lords to serve; either for the one he will hate, and the other he will love; or one he will cling to, and the other he will slight. Not you are able God to serve and mammon.

14 Heard and these all also the Pharisees, money–lovers being; and they mocked him.

15 And he said to them: You are those justifying yourselves in presence of the men; the but God knows the hearts of you; for that by men highly prized, an abomination in presence of the God.

16 The law and the prophets till John; from then the kingdom of the God is preached, and every one into her presses.

17 Easier but it is the heaven and the earth to pass away, than of the law one fine point to fail.

18 Every one who dismissing the wife of himself, and marrying another, commits adultery; and every one who her being divorced from an husband marrying, commits adultery.

19 A man now certain was rich, and was clothed purple and fine linen, feasting every day sumptuously.

20 A poor and certain was named Lazarus, who was laid at the gate of him being covered with sores,

21 and longing to be fed from the crumbs those falling from the table of the rich; but even the dogs coming licked the sores of him.

22 It happened and to die the poor, and to be borne away him by the messengers into the bosom Abraham. Died and also the rich, and was buried.

23 And in the unseen having lifted the eyes of himself, being in torment, sees the Abraham from a distance, and Lazarus in the bosoms of him.

24 And he crying out said: O father Abraham, do thou pity me, and send Lazarus, that he may dip the tip of the finger of himself of water, and may cool the tongue of me; for I am in pain in the flame this.

25 Said and Abraham: O child, remember, that thou didst receive the things good of thee in the life of the, and Lazarus in like manner the things bad; now but this is comforted, thou and art in pain.

26 And besides all these, between of us and of you a chasm great has been fixed, so that those wishing to pass over hence to you, not is able, nor those thence to us cross over.

27 He said then: I beseech then thee, O father, that thou wouldst send him to the house of the father of me;

28 I have for five brothers; that he may testify to them, that not also they may come into the place this of the torment.

29 Says to him Abraham: They have Moses and the prophets; let them hear them.

30 He and said: No, O father, Abraham; but if one from dead ones may go to them, they will reform.

31 He said but to him: If Moses and the prophets not they hear, neither if one out of dead one should rise, will they be convinced.