Lucas 15

1 Were and drawing near to him all the tax–gathers and the sinners, to hear him.

2 And murmured the Pharisees and the scribes, saying: That this sinners receives, and eats with them.

3 He said and to them the parable this, saying:

4 What man of you having a hundred sheep, and having lost one of them, not leaves behind the ninety–nine in the desert, and goes after that having been lost, till he may find it?

5 And having found, he lays on the shoulders of himself rejoicing;

6 and coming into the house he calls together the friends and the neighbors, saying to them: Rejoice with me, for I found the sheep of me that having been lost.

7 I say to you, that thus joy will be in the heaven over one sinner reforming, than over ninety–nine just ones, who no need have of reformation.

8 Or what woman, drachmas having ten, if she may lose drachma one, not lights a lamp, and sweeps the house, and seeks carefully, till she finds?

9 And having found she calling together the friends and the neighbors, saying: Rejoice with me, for I found the drachma, which I lost.

10 Thus, I say to you, joy produced in presence of the messengers of the God over one sinner reforming.

11 He said and: A man certain had two sons.

12 And said to younger of them to the father: O father, give to me the falling to part of the property. And he divided to them the living.

13 And after not many days having gathered together all the younger son, went abroad into a country distant; and there wasted the property of himself, living dissolutely.

14 Having expended and of him all, came a famine mighty throughout the country that; and he began to be in want.

15 And having gone he united with one of the citizens of the country that; and he sent him into the fields of himself to feed swine.

16 And he longed to fill the belly of himself from the pods, which were eating the swine; and no one gave to him.

17 To himself and coming, he said: How many hired servants of the father of me have an abundance of bread? I and here with hunger am perishing.

18 Having arisen I will go the father of me, and will say to him: O father, I sinned against the heaven and in presence of thee;

19 no longer I am fit to be called a son of thee; make me as one of the hired servants of thee.

20 And having arisen he went to the father of himself. While but of him at a distance being, saw him the father of him, and was moved with pity; and running he fell on the neck of him and repeatedly kissed him.

21 Said and to him the son: O father, I sinned against the heaven and in presence of thee; and no longer I am fit to be called a son of thee.

22 Said but the father to the slaves of himself: Bring you out the robe the chief, and clothe you him, and give you a finger–ring into the hand of him, and shoes for the feet.

23 And having brought the calf the fatted do you sacrifice; and eating we may be joyful;

24 for this the son of me dead was, and again alive; and having been lost he was, and is found. And they began to be merry.

25 Was and the son of him the elder in a field; and as he was coming near to the house, he heard a sound of music and dancers.

26 And having called to one of the servants, he inquired what may be these things?

27 He and said to him: That the brother of thee is come; and has sacrificed the father of thee the calf the fatted, because safe him he received.

28 He was angry and, and not was disposed to enter. The therefore father of him going out besought him.

29 He and answering said to the father: Lo, so many years do I slave for thee, and never a command of thee I passed by; and to me never thou gavest a kid, that with the friends of me I might be joyful.

30 When and the son of the this, the having devoured of thee the living with harlots, come, thou has sacrificed for him the calf the fatted.

31 He and said to him: O child, thou always with me art, and all the mine thine is.

32 To be joyful but and to be glad it is proper, for the brother of thee this dead was, and again is alive; and having been lost was, and is found.