Lucas 23

1 And having stood up whole the multitude of them, they led him to the Pilate.

2 They began and to accuse him, saying: This we found misleading the nation, and forbidding to Caesar tax to give, saying himself an Anointed king to be.

3 The and Pilate asked him, saying: Thou art the king of the Jews? He and answering to him said: Thou sayest.

4 The and Pilate said to the high–priests and the crowds: Nothing I find criminal in the man this.

5 They but were urgent, saying: That he stirs up the people, teaching in whole of the Judea, having begin from the Galilee to here.

6 Pilate and having heard of Galilee, he asked: If the man a Galilean is.

7 And having learned, that of the authority of Herod he is, he sent him to Herod, being also him in Jerusalem in those the days.

8 The and Herod seeing the Jesus, rejoiced greatly; he was for wishing of a long time to see him, because the to hear many things about him; and hoped some sign to see by him being done.

9 He asked and him in words many; he and nothing answered him.

10 Stood up and the high–priests and the scribes, vehemently accusing him.

11 Having despised and him the Herod with the soldiers of himself, and having mocked, casting around him a robe splendid, sent again him to the Pilate.

12 Became and friends the, both Pilate and the Herod in this the day with each other; formerly for in hatred being with themselves.

13 Pilate and having summoned the high–priests and the chiefs and the people,

14 said to them: You have brought to me the man this, as misleading the people; and lo, I in presence of you having examined, nothing I found in the man this a fault, of which you accuse against him.

15 But not even Herod; I sent for you to him, and lo, nothing worthy of death is having been done to him.

16 Having scourged therefore him I will release.

17 Necessary now it was to release to them at a feast one.

18 Cried out and all together, saying: Take away this, release and to us the Barabbas.

19 Who was through a sedition certain having occurred in the city, and a murder, having been cast into prison.

20 Again therefore the Pilate spoke to, wishing to release the Jesus.

21 They but cried, saying: Crucify, crucify, him.

22 He and third said to them: What for evil has done this? nothing a cause of death I found in him; having scourged therefore him I will release.

23 They but pressed with voices loud, demanding him to be crucified; and prevailed the voices of them and of the high–priests.

24 The and Pilate decided to satisfy the request of them.

25 He released and the through sedition and murder having been cast into the prison, whom they asked; the but Jesus he delivered to the will of them

26 And as they led him, having laid hold of Simon a certain Cyrenian coming from country, they placed to him the cross, to carry after the Jesus.

27 Followed and him a great multitude of the people, and of women; who also lamented and bewailed him.

28 Turning but to them the Jesus said: Daughters of Jerusalem, not weep you for me, but for yourselves weep you, and for the children of you.

29 For lo, come days, in which they will say: Blessed the barren ones, and wombs which not bore, and breasts which not suckled.

30 Then they will begin to say to the mountain: Fall you on us; and to the hills: Cover you us.

31 For if in the green tree these they do, in the dry what will be done?

32 Were led and also others two malefactors with him to be put to death.

33 And when they came to the place, that being called Skull, there they crucified him, and the malefactors; one indeed at right, one at left.

34 The and Jesus said: O Father, forgive them; not for they know what they do. Having divided and the garments of him, they cast a lot.

35 And stood the people gazing; scoffed at and also the rulers with them, saying: Others he saved, let him save himself, if this is the Anointed, the of the God chosen.

36 Mocked and him also the soldiers, coming near and vinegar offering to him,

37 and saying: If thou art the king of the Jews, save thyself.

38 Was and also an inscription having been written over him letters in Greek, and Latin, and Hebrew: This is the king of the Jews.

39 One and of those having been hanged malefactors spoke against him, saying: If thou art the Anointed, save thyself and us.

40 Answering but the other rebuked him saying: Not even fearest thou the God, since in the same condemnation thou art?

41 And we indeed justly; due for which has been done we receive; this but nothing amiss has done.

42 And he said to the Jesus: Do thou remember me, O lord, when thou mayest come in the kingdom of thee.

43 And said to him the Jesus: Indeed I say to thee to–day, with me thou shalt be in the Paradise.

44 It was and about hour sixth, and darkness came over whole the land, till hour ninth.

45 And was darkened the sun; and was rent the veil of the temple midst.

46 And crying with a voice loud the Jesus, said: O Father, into hands of thee I commit the breath of me. And these having said, he breathed out.

47 Seeing and the centurion that having occurred, glorified the God, saying: Truly the man this just was.

48 And all the having come together crowds to the sight this, beholding the things having occurred, striking of themselves the breasts returned.

49 Stood but all the acquaintance of him at a distance, and women those having followed him from the Galilee, beholding these things.

50 And lo, a man with a name Joseph, a counsellor being, a man good and just,

51 (this not was having assented to the will and the act of the,) from Arimathea a city of the Jews, who and was looking for also himself the kingdom of the God;

52 this having gone to the Pilate, asked the body of the Jesus.

53 And having taken down it, he wrapped it in linen, and laid it, in a tomb hewn in a rock, where not was ever yet no one being laid.

54 And day was preparation, and sabbath approached.

55 Having followed after and also women, who were having been with him out of the Galilee, beheld the tomb, and now they laid the body of him.

56 Having returned and they prepared aromatics and ointments; and the indeed sabbath they rested according to the commandment.