Lucas 5

1 It happened but in to the the crowd to press him of the to hear the word of the God, and he was standing by the lake Gennesaret;

2 and he saw two ships standing by the lake; the but fisherman having gone from them, were washing the nets.

3 Entering and into one of the ships, which was of the Simon; he asked him from the land to put off a little; and sitting down he taught out of the ship the crowds.

4 When and he ceased speaking, he said to the Simon: Put out into the deep, and let down the nets of you for a draught.

5 And answering the Simon said to him: O master, through whole of the night having toiled, nothing we have taken; at but the word of thee I will let down the net.

6 And this having done, they enclosed a multitude of fishes great; was rending and the net of them.

7 And they beckoned to the partners of those in the other ship, of the coming to help them; and they came, and filled both the ships, so as to sink them.

8 Seeing and Simon Peter, fell down to the knees to the Jesus, saying: Depart from me, for a man a sinner I am, O lord.

9 Amazement for seized him and all those with him, at the draught of the fishes, which they had taken.

10 In like manner and also James and John, sons of Zebedee, who were partners with the Simon. And said to the Simon the Jesus: Not fear; from of the now men thou will be catching.

11 And having brought the ships to the land, having left all, they followed him.

12 And it happened in to the to be him in one of the cities, and lo, a man full of leprosy; and seeing the Jesus, having fallen on face, entreated him saying: O lord, if thou wilt, thou art able me to cleanse.

13 And stretching out the hand, he touched him, saying: I will, be thou cleansed. And immediately the leprosy departed from him.

14 And he commanded him no one to tell: but going show thyself to the priest, and offer on account of the cleansing of thee, as enjoined Moses, for a witness to them.

15 Spread abroad but more the word concerning him; and came together crowds great to hear, and to be healed by him from the weakness of them;

16 He but was retiring in the deserts, and praying.

17 And it happened in one of the days, and he was teaching; and were sitting Pharisees and teachers of the law, they were having come out of all villages of the Galilee and Judea, and Jerusalem; and power of Lord was into the to heal them.

18 And lo, men bringing on a couch a man, who was having been palsied; and sought him to bring in, and to place in presence of him.

19 And not finding how they might bring in him, through the crowd, having gone up to the roof, through the tiles they let down him with the little bed into the midst in presence of the Jesus.

20 And seeing the faith of them, he said: O man, have been forgiven to thee the sins of thee.

21 And began to reason the scribes and the Pharisees, saying: Who is this who speaks blasphemies? who is able to forgive sins, if not alone the God?

22 Knowing but the Jesus the reasonings of them, answering said to them: Why do you reason in the hearts of you?

23 Which is easier to say: Have been forgiven to thee the sins of thee? or to to say: Arise and walk?

24 That but you may know, that authority has the son of the man on the earth to forgive sins, (he said to the having been palsied:) To thee I say: Arise, and having taken up the little bed of thee, go into the house of thee.

25 And instantly arising in presence of them, having taken up on which he had been laid, went into the house of himself, glorifying the God.

26 And amazement too all, and they glorified the God; and were filled of fear; saying: That we have seen wonderful things to–day.

27 And after these he went out, and saw publican with a name Levi, sitting at the custom–house; and he said to him: Follow me.

28 And forsaking all rising up he followed him.

29 And made a feast great Levi to him in the house of himself; and was a crowd of publicans great, and of others, who were with them reclining.

30 And murmured the scribes of them and the Pharisees to the disciples of him, saying: Why with the publicans and sinners do you eat and drink?

31 And answering the Jesus said to them: No need have those being in health of a physician, but those sick being;

32 not I have come to call just (ones), but sinners to reformation.

33 They and said to him: Why the disciples of John fast often, and prayers make, in like manner and those of the Pharisees; those but to thee eat and drink?

34 He said to them: Not you are able the sons of the bridal–chamber, in which the bridegroom with them is, to make to fast?

35 Will come but days, and when may be taken from them the bridegroom, then they will fast in those the days.

36 He spoke and also a parable to them: That no one a patch of a mantle new sews to a mantle old; if nut not, and the new it rends and the old not agrees a patch that from the new.

37 And no one puts wine new into skins old; if but not, will burst the new wine the skins, and he will be split, and the skins will be destroyed;

38 but wine new into skins new requires to be put; and both are preserved.

39 And no one having drink old, immediately desires new; he says for: The old better is.