Mateus 18

1 In that the hour came the disciples to the Jesus, saying: Who then greater is in the kingdom of the heaven?

2 And having called the Jesus a little child placed it in midst of them,

3 and said: Indeed I say to you, if not you be changed and become as the little children, not not you may enter into the kingdom of the heavens.

4 Whoever therefore may humble himself as the little child this, he is the greater in the kingdom of the heavens.

5 And whoever may receive a little child such one on the name of me, me receives.

6 Who but ever may insnare one of the little–ones these, of the believing into me, it is appropriate to him, that should be hung a millstone upper on the neck of him, and he should be sunk in the depth of the sea.

7 Woe to the world from the snares. Necessary for it is to come the snares; but woe to the man to that through whom the snare comes.

8 If therefore the hand of thee or the foot of thee insnares thee, cut off them, and cast from thee; good to thee it is to enter into the life lame or a cripple, than two hands or two feet having to be cast into the fire the age–lasting.

9 And if the eye of thee insnares thee, tear out it, and cast from thee; good of thee it is one–eyed into the life to enter, than two eyes having to be cast into the Gehenna of the fire.

10 See, not you may despise one of the little–ones these; I say for to you that the messengers of them in heavens perpetually see the face of the Father of me, that in heavens.

11 Is come for the son of the man to save the having been lost.

12 What to you seems right? if should have any man a hundred sheep, and should go astray one from them; not leaving the ninety–nine upon the mountain, going he seeks that having strayed?

13 And if he should happen to find it, indeed I say to you, that he rejoices over it more, than over the nine–nine, those not having been led astray.

14 Thus not it is will in the presence of the Father of you of that in heavens, that should perish one of the little–ones of them.

15 If and should in error against thee the brother of thee, go, test him between thee and him alone. If thee he may hear thou hast won the brother of thee;

16 If but not he may hear, take with thee besides one or two; that by mouth two of witnesses or of three may be proved every word.

17 If and he should disregard them, tell thou to the congregation; if and also of the congregation he should disregard, let him be to thee as the Gentile and the tax–gather.

18 Indeed i say to you, whatever you may bind on the earth, shall be having been bound in the heaven; and whatever you may loose on the earth, shall be having been loosed in the heaven.

19 Again I say to you, that if two of you may agree upon the earth, about any matter, whatever they may ask, it shall be to them from the Father of me, of that in heavens.

20 Where for are two or three having come together in the my name, there i am in the midst of them.

21 Then coming to him the Peter, said: O lord, how often shall sin against me the brother of me, and I shall forgive him? till seven times?

22 Says to him the Jesus: Not I say to thee, till seven times, but till seventy times seven.

23 Therefore this has been compared the kingdom of the heavens to a man king, who wished to settle an account with the slaves of him.

24 Having begun and of him to settle, they brought to him one a debtor of ten thousand talents.

25 Not having but of him to pay, ordered him the lord of him to be sold, and the wife of him, and the children, and all as much as he had, and payment to be made.

26 Falling down therefore the slave he prostrated to him, saying: O lord, have patience with me, and all to thee I will pay.

27 being moved with pity then the lord of the slave of that, loosed him, and the debt remitted to him.

28 Going out but the slave that, found one of the fellow–slaves of him, who owned to him a hundred denarii; and seizing him he coked him, saying: Pay to me if any thing thou owest.

29 Falling down therefore the fellow–slave of him, besought him, saying: Have patience with me, and all I will pay to thee.

30 He and not he would; but going away he cast him into prison, till he should pay that he was owing.

31 Seeing and the fellow–slaves of him that having been done, were grieved much; and going they related to the lord of them all that having been done.

32 Then having called him the lord of him, says to him: O slave wicked, all the debt that I remitted to thee, because thou besought me;

33 not was it binding also thee to have pitied the fellow slave of thee, as also I thee pitied?

34 And being provoked the lord of him delivered him to the jailors, till he may pay all that owing to him.

35 So also the Father of me the heavenly will do to you if not you forgive each one the brother of him from the hearts of you.