In this was glorified the Father of me, that fruit much you might bear, and you shall be to me disciples.

João 15:8

If me may serve any one, me let him follow; and where am I, there also the servant the mine shall be; if any one me may serve, will honor him the Father.

João 12:26

By this will know all that to me disciples you are, if love you have in each other.

João 13:35

Thus also faith, if not if may have works, dead it is by itself.

Tiago 2:17

The now God of the peace, the one having led up out of dead ones the shepherd of the sheep the great by blood of a covenant age–lasting, the Lord of us Jesus,

knit together you in every work good, in order the to do the will of him; doing in you the well–pleasing thing in presence of himself, through Jesus Anointed; to whom the glory for the ages of the ages; so be it.

Hebreus 13:20,21

Again therefore the Jesus to them spoke, saying: I am the light of the world; he following me, not not shall walk in the darkness, but shall have the light of the life.

João 8:12

Of him for we are a work having been formed in Anointed Jesus for works good, in which before prepared the God that in them we should walk.

Efésios 2:10

Said then the Jesus to those having believed him Jews: If you may abide in the word the my, truly disciples of me you are,

and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make free you.

João 8:31,32

And having called the crowd with the disciples of himself, he said to them: Whoever wishes after me to follow, let him deny himself, and let him bear the cross of himself, and let him follow me.

Marcos 8:34

Said to him the Jesus: If thou wishest perfect to be, go, sell of thee the possessions, and give to poor; and thou shalt have treasure in heaven; and hither, follow me.

Mateus 19:21

To this for you were called; because even Anointed suffered on behalf of you, to you leaving behind an example, so that you may follow in the steps of him;

1 Pedro 2:21

The but Lord may direct of you the hearts into the love of the God, and into the patience of the Anointed.

2 Tessalonicenses 3:5

if we live by spirit, by spirit also we should walk.

Gálatas 5:25

and who not takes the cross of himself, and follows after me, not is of me worthy.

Mateus 10:38

and every thing, whatever you may do, in word or in work, all in name of Lord Jesus, giving thanks to the God and Father through him.

Colossenses 3:17

Become you therefore imitators of the God, as children beloved;

Efésios 5:1