Sirach 13

1 He that toucheth pitch shall be defiled; And he that hath fellowship with a proud man shall become like unto him.

2 Take not up a burden above thy strength; And have no fellowship with one that is mightier and richer than thyself. What fellowship shall the earthen pot have with the kettle? This shall smite, and that shall be dashed in pieces.

3 The rich man doeth a wrong, and he threateneth withal: The poor is wronged, and he shall intreat withal.

4 If thou be profitable, he will make merchandise of thee; And if thou be in want, he will forsake thee.

5 If thou have substance, he will live with thee; And he will make thee bare, and will not be sorry.

6 Hath he had need of thee? then he will deceive thee, And smile upon thee, and give thee hope: He will speak thee fair, and say, What needest thou?

7 And he will shame thee by his meats, Until he have made thee bare twice or thrice, And at the last he will laugh thee to scorn: Afterward will he see thee, and will forsake thee, And shake his head at thee.

8 Beware that thou be not deceived, and brought low in thy mirth.

9 If a mighty man invite thee, be retiring, And so much the more will he invite thee.

10 Press not upon him, lest thou be thrust back; And stand not far off, lest thou be forgotten.

11 Affect not to speak with him as an equal, And believe not his many words: For with much talk will he try thee, And in a smiling manner will search thee out.

12 He that keepeth not to himself words spoken is unmerciful; And he will not spare to hurt and to bind.

13 Keep them to thyself, and take earnest heed, For thou walkest in peril of thy falling.


15 Every living creature loveth his like, And every man loveth his neighbour.

16 All flesh consorteth according to kind, And a man will cleave to his like.

17 What fellowship shall the wolf have with the lamb? So is the sinner unto the godly.

18 What peace is there between the hyena and the dog? And what peace between the rich man and the poor?

19 Wild asses are the prey of lions in the wilderness; So poor men are pasture for the rich.

20 Lowliness is an abomination to a proud man; So a poor man is an abomination to the rich.

21 A rich man when he is shaken is held up of his friends; But one of low degree being down is thrust away also by his friends.

22 When a rich man is fallen, there are many helpers; He speaketh things not to be spoken, and men justify him: A man of low degree falleth, and men rebuke him withal; He uttereth wisdom, and no place is allowed him.

23 A rich man speaketh, and all keep silence; And what he saith they extol to the clouds: A poor man speaketh, and they say, Who is this? And if he stumble, they will help to overthrow him.

24 Riches are good that have no sin; And poverty is evil in the mouth of the ungodly.

25 The heart of a man changeth his countenance, Whether it be for good or for evil.

26 A cheerful countenance is a token of a heart that is in prosperity; And the finding out of parables is a weariness of thinking.

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