Sirach 18

1 He that liveth for ever created all things in common.

2 The Lord alone shall be justified.


4 To none hath he given power to declare his works: And who shall trace out his mighty deeds?

5 Who shall number the strength of his majesty? And who shall also tell out his mercies?

6 As for the wondrous works of the Lord, it is not possible to take from them nor add to them, Neither is it possible to track them out.

7 When a man hath finished, then he is but at the beginning; And when he ceaseth, then shall he be in perplexity.

8 What is man, and whereto serveth he? What is his good, and what is his evil?

9 The number of man’s days at the most are a hundred years.

10 As a drop of water from the sea, and a pebble from the sand; So are a few years in the day of eternity.

11 For this cause the Lord was longsuffering over them, And poured out his mercy upon them.

12 He saw and perceived their end, that it is evil; Therefore he multiplied his forgiveness.

13 The mercy of a man is upon his neighbour; But the mercy of the Lord is upon all flesh; Reproving, and chastening, and teaching, And bringing again, as a shepherd doth his flock.

14 He hath mercy on them that accept chastening, And that diligently seek after his judgements.

15 My son, to thy good deeds add no blemish; And no grief of words in any of thy giving.

16 Shall not the dew assuage the scorching heat? So is a word better than a gift.

17 Lo, is not a word better than a gift? And both are with a gracious man.

18 A fool will upbrade ungraciously; And the gift of an envious man consumeth the eyes.

19 Learn before thou speak; And have a care of thy health or ever thou be sick.

20 Before judgement examine thyself; And in the hour of visitation thou shalt find forgiveness.

21 Humble thyself before thou be sick; And in the time of sins shew repentance.

22 Let nothing hinder thee to pay thy vow in due time; And wait not until death to be justified.

23 Before thou makest a vow, prepare thyself; And be not as a man that tempteth the Lord.

24 Think upon the wrath that shall be in the days of the end, And the time of vengeance, when he turneth away his face.

25 In the days of fulness remember the time of hunger, And poverty and want in the days of wealth.

26 From morning until evening the time changeth; And all things are speedy before the Lord.

27 A wise man will fear in everything; And in days of sinning he will beware of offence.

28 Every man of understanding knoweth wisdom; And he will give thanks unto him that found her.

29 They that were of understanding in sayings became also wise themselves, And poured forth apt proverbs.

30 Go not after thy lusts; And refrain thyself from thine appetites.

31 If thou give fully to thy soul the delight of her desire, She will make thee the laughingstock of thine enemies.

32 Make not merry in much luxury; Neither be tied to the expense thereof.

33 Be not made a beggar by banqueting upon borrowing, When thou hast nothing in thy purse.

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