2 Coríntios 4

1 ON this account we have not weariness in this ministry which we have received, according to the mercies that are upon us.

2 But we have rejected the secrets of shamefulness; and walk not with craft, nor deal deceitfully (with) the word of Aloha; but by the revelation of the truth make we ourselves manifest to the minds of all men before Aloha.

3 But if our gospel is hid, to those who perish is it hid:

4 (to) them whose minds the god of this world hath blinded because they believe not; lest the light of the gospel of the glory of Meshiha, who is the image of Aloha, should arise upon them.

5 For we preach not ourselves, but the Meshiha, Jeshu our Lord; but ourselves that we are your servants for the sake of Jeshu.

6 For Aloha, who said, Let light arise from darkness, hath arisen in our hearts; that we should be illuminated by the knowledge of the glory of Aloha in the face of Jeshu Meshiha.

7 BUT we have this treasure in a vase of earth, that the greatness of the power might be from Aloha, and not from us.

8 But in every thing we are afflicted, yet not strangled; we are beaten, yet not condemned;

9 persecuted, yet not forsaken; cast down, yet we perish not.

10 In all time the dying of Jeshu in our bodies we bear, that the life also of Jeshu might in our bodies be revealed.

11 For if we, the living, unto death are delivered on account of Jeshu, so also will the life of Jeshu be revealed in this our body of death.

12 Now death in us worketh earnestly, but life in you.

13 We then also who have one spirit of faith, as it is written, I have believed, and therefore also spoken; we believe, therefore also we speak.

14 And we know that He who raised up our Lord Jeshu, will by Jeshu raise us also, and will present us with you unto himself.

15 For every thing is for your sake, that grace, abounding by many, may multiply praise to the glory of Aloha.

16 For this cause we have not weariness; for if our outward man is wasted, yet the interior man is renovated day by day.

17 For the affliction of this time, while small and light, a glory without end for ever and ever prepareth for us.

18 While we look not on these which are seen, but at those which are unseen. For the seen are of time, but the unseen are of eternity.