Salmos 58

1 To the Chief Musician. Do not destroy. A secret treasure of David. Will you indeed speak righteousness in silence? Do you judge uprightly, O sons of men?

2 Yes, in heart you work the evil, you weigh the violence of your hands in the land.

3 The wicked are estranged from the womb; [they go] astray from the womb, speaking lies.

4 Their poison [is] like the poison of a snake; like the deaf adder, he stops his ear,

5 which will not listen to the charmer's voice, a skillful caster of spells.

6 O God, break their teeth in their mouth; break out the big teeth of the young lions, O LORD.

7 Let them melt away like waters; they run off to them; he bends his arrows, [let them be] as though [they were] cut off.

8 [Let them be] as a snail goes [into] melting; [as] a miscarriage of a woman, they do not see the sun.

9 Before your pots can feel the thorns, whether green or glowing, He shall sweep it away.

10 The righteous shall rejoice when he sees the vengeance; he shall wash his feet in the blood of the wicked.

11 And man shall say, Truly, [there is] a reward for the righteous; truly, [there is] a God judging in the earth.