2 Crônicas 16

1 It was the thirty-sixth year of Asa’s reign. King Baasha of Israel invaded Judah and built fortified Ramah to prevent anyone from going to or coming from King Asa of Judah.

2 Then Asa brought out all the silver and gold that was left in the treasuries of Jehovah’s Temple and the royal palace. He sent them to Damascus to King Benhadad.

3 He said: »There is a treaty between you and me as there was between your father and my father. I am sending you silver and gold. Now break your treaty with King Baasha of Israel so that he will leave me alone.«

4 Benhadad agreed to do what King Asa requested. He sent his generals and their armies to attack the cities of Israel. He conquered Ijon, Dan, Abel Maim, and all the storage cities in the territory of Naphtali.

5 When King Baasha heard what happened he stopped fortifying Ramah and abandoned the work.

6 King Asa gathered men from throughout Judah and had them carry off the stones and timbers that Baasha had been using at Ramah. They used them to fortify the cities of Geba and Mizpah.

7 Then the prophet Hanani went to King Asa. He said: »Because you relied on the king of Syria instead of relying on Jehovah your God, the army of the king of Israel has escaped from you.

8 »The Ethiopians and the Libyans, did they have large armies with many chariots and cavalry troops? But because you relied on Jehovah he gave you victory over them.

9 »The eyes of Jehovah keep close watch over the entire world. He gives strength shows His strength to in behalf of those whose hearts are loyal to him. You have acted foolishly! Therefore from now on you will always be at war.«

10 Asa was so angry with the prophet that he had him put in chains. It was at this same time that Asa began treating some of the people cruelly.

11 All the events of Asa’s reign from beginning to end are recorded in The History of the Kings of Judah and Israel.

12 In the thirty-ninth year that Asa was king a severe foot disease crippled him. Even then he did not turn to Jehovah for help, but to doctors.

13 Two years later he died.

14 Asa was buried in the rock tomb that he had carved out for himself in David’s City. They used spices and perfumed oils to prepare his body for burial. They built a huge bonfire to mourn his death.