2 Crônicas 4

1 King Solomon had a copper altar built. It was thirty feet square and fifteen feet high.

2 He also made a round tank molten sea of copper. It was seven and one half feet deep, fifteen feet in diameter, and forty-five feet in circumference.

3 All around the outer edge of the rim of the tank were two rows of decorations, one above the other. The decorations were in the shape of bulls. They had been cast all in one piece with the rest of the tank.

4 The tank rested on the backs of twelve copper bulls that faced outward. Three faced in each direction, north, west, south and east.

5 The sides of the tank were three inches thick. Its rim was like the rim of a cup, curving outward like the petals of a flower. The tank held about fifteen thousand gallons.

6 They also made ten basins, five to be placed on the south side of the Temple and five on the north side. They were to be used to rinse the parts of the animals that were burned as sacrifices. The water in the large tank was for the priests to use for washing.

7 They made ten gold lamp stands according to the usual pattern, and ten tables, and placed them in the main room of the Temple.

8 He made ten tables and put them in the temple. Five were on the south side and five on the north side. And he made one hundred gold bowls.

9 He also made the priests’ courtyard and the large courtyard and its doors. He covered the doors with copper.

10 He set the pool on the south side in the southeast corner.

11 Huram also made the pots, shovels, and bowls. So Huram finished the work for King Solomon in God’s Temple:

12 Two pillars, bowl-shaped crowns on top of the two pillars, and two sets of filigree to cover the two bowl-shaped crowns on top of the pillars,

13 four hundred pomegranates for the two sets of filigree two rows of pomegranates for each filigree to cover the two bowl-shaped crowns on the pillars,

14 ten stands and ten basins on the stands,

15 one pool and the twelve bulls under it,

16 pots, shovels, and three-pronged forks. Huram Hiram-abiv made all of them out of polished copper for Jehovah’s Temple at King Solomon’s request.

17 The king cast them in foundries in the Jordan Valley between Succoth and Zeredah.

18 Solomon made so many of these products that no one tried to determine how much the copper weighed.

19 Solomon made all the furnishings for God’s Temple: the gold altar, the gold tables on which the bread of the presence was placed,

20 lamp stands and lamps of pure gold to burn as directed in front of the inner room,

21 flowers, lamps, pure gold tongs,

22 snuffers, basins, dishes, incense burners of pure gold, the gold entrance to the temple, the gold doors of the most holy place, and the gold doors of the Temple.