Eclesiastes 10

1 Dead flies, cause to stink ferment, the oil of the perfumer,More costly than wisdom or honour, is a little folly.

2 The sense of the wise, is on his right hand,But, the sense of the dullard, on his left:

3 Yea, even by the way, as the foolish man walketh along, his sense faileth himand he telleth everyone that, foolish, is he!

4 If, the spirit of a ruler, riseth up against thee, thy place, do not leave, for gentleness, pacifieth such as have greatly erred.

5 Here was a misfortune I had seen under the sun,a veritable mistake that was going forth from the presence of one who had power:

6 Folly placed in great dignity,while, the rich, in a low place, took their seat:

7 I had seen, servants, upon horses,and, rulers, walking like servants, on the ground.

8 He that diggeth a pit, thereinto, may fall,and, he that breaketh through a hedge, there may bite him a serpent.

9 He that removeth stones, may be hurt therewith,and he that cleaveth wood, may be endangered thereby.

10 If, blunt, be the iron, and, himself, hath not sharpened, the edge, then, much force, must he apply,but, an advantage for giving success, is wisdom.

11 If a serpent will bite, unless he is charmed, then there is nothing better for him that owneth a tongue.

12 The words of a wise mans mouth, are pleasant,but, the lips of a dullard, will swallow him up:

13 The beginning of the words of his mouth, is folly,but, the latter end of his speech, is mischievous madness.

14 Yet, a foolish man, multiplieth words, no man knoweth that which hath been, and, that which shall be after him, who can tell him?

15 The toil of dullards, shall weary a man, that he knoweth not how to go into the city.

16 Alas! for thee, O land, when thy king is a boy,and, thy rulers, in the morning, do eat:

17 How happy art thou, O land, when thy king is a son of nobles,and, thy rulers, in season, do eat, for strength, and not for debauchery.

18 By two lazy arms, the framework sinketh in,and, by the hanging down of the hands, the house may leak.

19 Merrily people make bread, and, wine, gladdeneth life,but, money, answereth all things.

20 Even in thy thought, do not revile, the king, nor, within thy bed-chambers, revile thou the rich,for, a bird of the heavens, might carry the voice, yea, an owner of wings, might tell the matter.