Eclesiastes 9

1 For, unto all this, I applied my heart, and, my heart, considered all this, that, the righteous and the wise and their servants, were in the hand of God,neither love nor hatred, could any man know, every one, was before Him.

2 Every one, was like every one else, one destiny, had the righteous and the lawless, the good and the pure and the impure, and he that sacrificed, and he that did not sacrifice,as the good man, so, the sinner, he that took an oath, as he who, of an oath, stood in fear.

3 This was a misfortune in all that was done under the sun, that, one destiny, had they all,yea also, the heart of the sons of men, was full of wickedness, and, madness, was in their heart, while they lived, and, after that,

4 For, whosoever was united to all the living, for him, there was hope,-inasmuch as, a living dog, fared better than a dead lion.

5 For, the living, knew that they should die,-but, the dead, knew not, anything, neither had they any longer a reward, because forgotten was their memory.

6 Both their love and their hatred and their envy, already had perished,and, portion, had they none any longer, unto times age-abiding, in aught that was done under the sun.

7 Go thy wayeat, with gladness, thy food, and drink, with a happy heart, thy wine,when already God is well pleased with thy works.

8 Continually, let thy garments be white,and, ointment upon thy bead, let it not be lacking.

9 Enjoy life, with thy wife whom thou lovest, all the days of thy life of vanity, which he hath given thee under the sun, all thy days of vanity,for, that, is thy portion in life, and in thy toil wherewith, thou, art toiling under the sun.

10 Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, with thy might, do,for there is no work nor calculation nor knowledge nor wisdom, in hades, whither, thou, art going.

11 I again saw under the sun, that not, to the swift, was the race, nor, to the strong, the battle, nay! nor, to the wise, food, nor yet, to the intelligent, riches, nor, even to the well-informed, comeliness,for, time and accident, happened to them all.

12 For, indeed, man could not know his own time, like fishes which were caught in a cruel net, and like little birds which were caught in a trap,like them, were ensnared the sons of men, by a time of misfortune, when it fell upon them suddenly.

13 Even this, had I seen of wisdom, under the sun,and, of great import, was the same unto me:

14 A little city, and men therein few,and there came against it a great king, and surrounded it, and built against it large siege-works;

15 but there was found therein, a man, poor wise, and, he, delivered the city by his wisdom,yet, no one, remembered that poor man.

16 Then said, I, Better is wisdom than strength,although, the wisdom of the poor man, be despised, and, his words, not heard.

17 The words of the wise, in quietness, are heard,beyond the outcry of one who ruleth over dullards.

18 Better is wisdom, than weapons of war,but, one sinner, may destroy much good.