Lucas 22

1 And the feast of the unleavened bread, which is called a Passover, was drawing near.

2 And the High-priests and the Scribes were seeking, how they might get rid of him; for they feared the people.

3 But Satan entered into Judas, him called Iscariot, being of the number of the twelve;

4 and, departing, he conversed with the High-priests and Captains, as to how, unto them, he might deliver him up.

5 And they rejoiced, and bargained with him to give him, silver;

6 and he freely consented, and began seeking a good opportunity for delivering him up, in the absence of a multitude, unto them.

7 Now the day of the unleavened bread a came,on which it was needful to be sacrificing the passover.

8 And he sent forth Peter and John, sayingGo, and make ready, for us, the passover, that we may eat.

9 And, they, said unto himWhere wiliest thou, we should make ready?

10 And, he, said unto themLo! when ye have entered into the city, there will meet you a man, bearing, an earthen-jar of water: follow him into the house into which he is entering.

11 And ye shall say unto the master of the houseThe teacher saith unto thee, where is the lodging, where, the passover, with my disciples, I may eat?

12 And, he, unto you, will shew, a large upper room, spread: there, make ready.

13 And, departing, they found according as he had said unto them, and made ready the passover.

14 And, when the hour arrived, he reclined, and the apostles with him.

15 And he said unto themI have greatly desired, to eat, this passover, with you before I suffer;

16 For, I say unto youIn nowise shall I eat it, until it have been fulfilled in the kingdom of God.

17 And, accepting a cup, giving thanks, he saidTake this, and divide among yourselves;

18 For, I say unto youIn nowise shall I drink henceforth of the fruit of the vine, until, the kingdom of God, shall come.

19 And, taking a loaf, he gave thanks, and brake, and gave unto them, sayingThis is my body

20 fehlt

21 Nevertheless, lo! the hand of him who is delivering me up, is with me upon the table.

22 Because, the Son of Man, indeed, according to what is marked out, goeth his way; nevertheless, alas! for that man through whom he is being delivered up.

23 And, they, began to be enquiring together, among themselves, as to which, then, it could be, from among them, who, this thing, was about to perpetrate!

24 And it came to pass that there was, a rivalry also, among them, as to which of them seemed to be greater .

25 And, he, said unto themThe kings of the nations, lord it over them, and, they who wield authority over them, benefactors, are called.

26 But, ye, not so! On the contrarythe greater among you, Let him become as, the younger, and, he that governeth, as, he that ministereth,

27 For which is greaterhe that reclineth? or he that ministereth? Is not he that reclineth? But, I, am, in your midst, as he that ministereth,

28 Ye, however, are they who have remained throughout with me in my temptations;

29 And, I, covenant unto youas my Father hath covenanted unto mea kingdom,

30 That ye may eat and drink, at my table, in my kingdom, and sit upon thrones, judging, the twelve tribes of Israel.

31 Simon! Simon! lo! Satan, hath claimed you, to sift as wheat;

32 But, I, have entreated for thee, that thy faith may not fail. And, thou, once thou hast turned, strengthen thy brethren.

33 But, he, said unto himLord! with thee, am I, ready, both into prison and unto death, to be going.

34 And, he, said: I tell thee, PeterA cock will not crow this day, until, thrice, thou deny that thou knowest me.

35 And he said unto themWhen I sent you forth, without purse or satchel or sandals, of anything, came ye short? And, they, saidOf nothing!

36 And he said unto themBut, now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, in like manner also, a satchel; and, he that hath nothing, let him sell his mantle, and buy a sword!

37 For I say unto youThis that is written, must needs be completed in me,And, with lawless ones, was he reckoned; for, even that which concerneth me, hath, completion.

38 And, they, saidLord, lo! two swords, here! And, he, said unto themTis, enough!

39 And going out, he went, according to his custom, unto the Mount of Olives; and the disciples also followed him.

40 And, coming up to the place, he said unto themBe praying, lest ye enter into temptation.

41 And, he, was torn from them about a stones throw; and, bending his knees, he began to pray,

42 sayingFather! if thou please, bear aside this cup from me. Nevertheless, not my will, but thine, be accomplished.

43 fehlt

44 fehlt

45 And, arising from prayer, he came unto his disciples, and found them falling asleep by reason of their grief;

46 and he said unto themWhy are ye slumbering? Arise! and be praying, lest ye enter into temptation.

47 While yet he was speaking, lo! a multitude; and, he that was called Judas, one of the twelve, was leading them on,and he drew near unto Jesus, to kiss him.

48 But, Jesus, said to himJudas! with a kiss, the Son of Man, dost thou deliver up?

49 And they who were about him, seeing what would be, saidLord! shall we smite with the sword?

50 And a certain one from among them smote, the High-priests, servant, and took off his right ear.

51 But Jesus, answering, saidLet beas long as this! And, touching the ear, he healed him.

52 And Jesus said unto the High-priests, and Captains of the temple, and Elders, who had come against himAs against a robber, have ye come out, with swords and clubs?

53 Daily, was I with you, in the temple, and yet ye stretched not forth your hands against me! But, this, is your hour, and the authority of darkness.

54 And, having arrested him, they led him away, and took him into the house of the High-priest; and, Peter, was following afar.

55 And, they having kindled up a fire in the midst of the court, and taken seats together, Peter was for sitting among them.

56 But, a certain maid-servant, seeing him seating himself towards the light, and looking steadfastly at him, saidThis one also, was, with him.

57 But, he, denied, sayingI know him not, woman!

58 And, after a little, another, beholding him, saidThou also, art, from among them. But, Peter, saidMan! I am not.

59 And, about one hour having passed, a certain other, began stoutly to insist, sayingOf a truth, this one also, was with him; for indeed he is, a Galilaean.

60 But Peter saidMan! I know not what thou art saying! And, instantly while yet he was speaking, a cock crew.

61 And the Lord turned, and looked at Peter; and Peter was put in mind of the declaration of the Lord, how he had said to himBefore, a cock, crow this day, thou wilt deny me thrice!

62 And, going forth outside, he wept bitterly.

63 And, the men who held him bound, kept mocking him, with blows;

64 and, blindfolding him, questioned him, sayingProphesy! which is he that smote thee?

65 and, many other things, with profane speech, were they saying unto him.

66 And, when it became day, the Eldership of the people was gathered togetherboth High-priests and Scribes,and they led him away into their high-council, sayingIf, thou, art the Christ, tell us!

67 But he said unto themIf I should tell, you, in nowise would ye believe,

68 And, if I should put questions, in nowise would ye answer;

69 But, henceforth, shall the Son of Man be seated on the right hand of the power of God.

70 And they all saidThou, then, art the Son of God? And, he, unto them saidYe, say ,because, I, am.

71 And, they, saidWhat, further, need have we, of witness? We ourselves, have heard it from his mouth.