Levítico 22

1 And Yahweh spake unto Moses, saying:

2 Speak unto Aaron, and unto his sons, That they hold sacredly aloof from the holy things of the sons of Israel, so as not to profane my holy name,in the things which they are hallowing unto meI, am Yahweh.

3 Say unto themUnto your generations, as touching any man who cometh near from among any of your seed, unto the hallowed things which the sons of Israel may hallow unto Yahweh, while his uncleanness is upon him, then shall that person be cut off from before meI, am Yahweh.

4 No man soever of the seed of Aaron who is a leper, or hath a flux, shall eat of the holy things, until he be clean,And as for him who toucheth anything that is unclean by the dead, or a man whose seed goeth from him;

5 or a man who toucheth any creeping thing, which is unclean to him,or any human being who hath uncleanness, to the extent of any thing that maketh him unclean,

6 any person who toucheth any such, shall then be unclean until the evening,and shall not eat of the hallowed things, unless he bathe his flesh in water.

7 When the sun tooth in, then is he clean,and thereafter, he may eat of the hallowed things, for, his food, it is.

8 That which dieth of itself or is torn in pieces, shall he not eat to make himself unclean thereby,I, am Yahweh.

9 Therefore shall they keep my charge, and shall not bear, for it, sin, and die therein, when they profane it,IYahweh, am hallowing them.

10 And, no stranger, shall eat what is hallowed,neither, one who dwelleth with a priest nor a hireling shall eat what is hallowed.

11 But when, a priest, buyeth any person, as the purchase of his silver, he may eat thereof,and, the children of his household, they, may eat of his food.

12 And, when, a priests daughter, belongeth to a husband, who is a stranger, she, of the heave-offering of the hallowed things, may not eat.

13 But, when a priests daughter, cometh to be a widow or divorced and hath no seed, and so she returneth unto the house of her father, as in her youth, of the food of her father, she may eat,but no stranger, shall eat thereof.

14 And, when, any man, eateth what is hallowed, by mistake, then shall he add the fifth part of it thereunto, and give unto the priest the hallowed thing:

15 So shall they not profane the hallowed things of the sons of Israel,which they heave up unto Yahweh;

16 nor cause them to bear guilty iniquity, when they eat their hallowed things,For, IYahweh, am hallowing them.

17 And Yahweh spake unto Moses, saying:

18 Speak unto Aaron, and unto his sons, and unto all the sons of Israel, and thou shalt say unto themWhat man, soever, of the house of Israel, or of the sojourners in Israel, may bring near his oblation, as regardeth any of their vows, or any of their freewill offerings which they may bring near unto Yahweh, as an ascending-sacrifice,

19 that ye may be accepted, a male without defect, of the beeves, or of the sheep, or of the goats:

20 whatsoever hath in it a blemish, shall ye not bring near,for it shall not he accepted for you.

21 And, whosoever would bring near a peace-offering unto Yahweh, to consecrate a vow or as a freewill-offering with a bullock or a sheep, without defect, shall it be, to be accepted, no, blemish, shall be therein.

22 Blind, or broken, or rent, or having a running sore, or scurvy, or scab, ye shall not bring these near unto Yahweh,and no, altar-flame, shall ye present therefrom upon the altar, unto Yahweh.

23 Whether an ox or a lamb long or short limb, as a free-will offering, thou mayest offer it, but, for a vow, it shall not he accepted.

24 But that which is bruised in the stones or broken therein, or torn or cut, shall ye neither bring ear unto Yahweh, nor on your own land, shall ye offer.

25 Even at the hand of the son of a stranger, shall ye not bring near the food of your God of any of these,for, their damage is in them, a blemish, is in them, they shall not be accepted for you.

26 And Yahweh spake unto Moses, saying:

27 When, a beeve or a sheep or a goat, is brought forth, then shall it be seven days under its dam,and, from the eighth day and onwards, it shall be accepted as an oblation of an altar-flame unto Yahweh,

28 Whether cow or eweit and its young, shall ye not slaughter on one day.

29 And when ye would offer a sacrifice of thanksgiving unto Yahweh, for your acceptance, shall ye offer it.

30 On the same day, shall it be eaten, ye shall not leave thereof until morning,I, am Yahweh.

31 So then ye shall observe my commandments, and do them,I, am Yahweh.

32 So shall ye not profane my holy name, So shall I be hallowed in the midst of the sons of Israel,I, am Yahweh, who am hallowing you;

33 Who brought you forth out of the land of Egypt, that I might become your God,I, am Yahweh.