Levítico 26

1 Ye shall not make unto you idols,neither image nor pillar, shall ye set up for yourselves, nor sculptured stone, shall ye place in your land, to bow yourselves down thereunto,-For, I Yahweh, am your God.

2 My sabbaths, shall ye observe, And, my sanctuary, shall ye revere,I, am Yahweh.

3 If, in my statutes, ye will walk,And my commandments, ye will observe, and do them,

4 Then will I give your rains in their season,And the land shall yield her increase, And, the trees of the field, shall yield their fruit.

5 Then shall your threshing reach unto the vintage, And, the vintage, shall reach unto the seedtime,And ye shall eat your food to the full, And shall dwell securely in your land.

6 And I will give peace in the land, And ye shall lie down, and nothing shall make you afraid; And I will take away vicious beasts out of the land; And, the sword, shall not go through your land.

7 And ye shall chase your foes,And they shall fall before you by the sword;

8 And, five, of you shall chase, a hundred, And, a hundred, of you shall put ten thousand to flight,So shall your foes fall before you, by the sword.

9 And I will turn unto you, And make you fruitful,And multiply you, And will establish my covenant with you.

10 And ye shall eat old store well seasoned,And the old from before the new, shall ye put forth.

11 And I will set my habitation in your midst,And my soul shall not abhor you;

12 But I will walk to and fro in your midst, And will be unto you a God, And, ye, shall be unto me a people.

13 IYahweh, am your God who brought you forth out of the land of Egypt, that ye should not be their bondmen; so I brake in pieces the staves of your yoke, and caused you to walk, erect.

14 But, if ye will not hearken unto me, And will not do all these commandments;

15 And if, my statutes, ye refuse, And, my regulations, your souls shall abhor,So that ye will not do all my commandments, But shall break my covenant

16 I also, will do this unto youI will set over you, for terror, consumption and fever, Causing the eyes to fail and the soul to pine away,And ye shall sow, in vain, your seed, for it shall be eaten by your foes.

17 And I will set my face against you, And ye shall be smitten before your foes,-And be trodden down by them who hate you, And shall flee when no one is pursuing you.

18 And, if even with these things, ye will not hearken unto me, Then will I yet further correct you seven times, for your sins.

19 So will I break your pomp of power, And will set your heavens as iron, and your land as bronze;

20 And your strength shall be spent in vain,And your land shall not yield her increase, And the trees of the land, shall not yield their fruit.

21 If therefore, ye will go in opposition to me, And not be willing to hearken unto me, Then will I yet further plague you seven times according to your sins;

22 And will send among you the wild-beast of the field And it shall rob you of your children, And cut off your cattle, And make you few in number; And your roads shall be silent.

23 And, if, by these things, ye will not be corrected by me,But will go in opposition to me,

24 Then will, I also, go in opposition to you. And, I, even I, will plague you seven times for your sins;

25 And will bring in upon you a sword that shall inflict the covenanted avenging: So shall ye be gathered into your cities,Then will I send a pestilence into your midst, And ye shall be delivered into the hand of an enemy.

26 When I have broken your staff of bread, then shall ten women bake your bread in one oven, And give back your bread by weight,And ye shall eat and not be filled.

27 And, if, with this, ye will not hearken to me,But will go in opposition to me,

28 Then will I go in a rage of opposition to you,And I, even I, will correct you seven times for your sins;

29 And ye shall eat the flesh of your sons,Yea, even the flesh of your daughters, shall ye eat.

30 And I will destroy your high places And cut down your sun-pillars, And cast your caresses upon the calluses of your manufactured gods,Thus shall my soul abhor you.

31 And I will give your cities unto desolation, And make your holy places dumb,And will find no fragrance in your satisfying odour;

32 And, I, will make the land dumb, And your foes that dwell therein shall regard it with dumb amazement:

33 When, even you, I scatter among the nations, And make bare after you, a sword, Then shall your land become an astonishment, And your cities become a desolation.

34 Then, shall the land be paid her sabbaths, All the days she lieth desolate, While, ye, are in the land of your fees,Then, shall the land keep sabbath, And pay off her sabbaths:

35 All the days she lieth desolate, shall she keep sabbath,the which she kept not as your sabbaths,while ye dwelt thereupon.

36 And as for such as are left of you, Then will I bring faintness into their heart, in the lands of their foes,So that the sound of a driven leaf shall chase them, And they shall flee as though fleeing from a sword And they shall fall, when no one is pursuing;

37 And they shall stumble one upon another as from before a sword, when, pursuer there is none; And ye shall not have wherewith to stand before your foes;

38 And ye shall perish among the nations,And the land of your fees shall eat you up;

39 And they who are left of you, shall melt away in their iniquity, in the lands of your foes; Yea also, in the iniquity of their fathers with them, shall they melt away.

40 Then shall they confess their iniquity, And the iniquity of their fathers, In their unfaithfulness wherewith they had been unfaithful towards me; Yea moreover, because they had gone in opposition to me,

41 I also, must needs go in opposition to them, and bring them into the land of their foes,Save only that, if, even then, their uncircumcised heart shall be humbled, And, even then, they shall accept as a payment the punishment of their iniquity,

42 Then will I remember my covenant with Jacob Yea moreover, my covenant with Isaac, Yea moreover, my covenant with Abraham, will I remember; And the land, will I remember.

43 For, the land, shall be left of them, And shall be paid her sabbaths, while she lieth desolate without them, They also, accepting, as a payment, the punishment of their iniquity, Because, yea because, my regulations, they refused, And my statutes, their soul abhorred.

44 And yet even so when they are in the land of their foes I have not refused them Neither have I abhorred them To make an end of them, To break my covenant with them,For, IYahweh, am their God.

45 Therefore will I remember in their behalf the covenant of their ancestors,Whom, I brought forth out of the land of Egypt in the sight of the nations, that I might be their GodIYahweh.

46 These are the statutes and the regulations and the laws, which Yahweh granted between himself, and the sons of Israel,in Mount Sinai by the mediation of Moses.