At all times, doth a friend love, and, a brother for distress, must be born.

Provérbios 17:17

If, however, anyone, for his own, and specially them of his household, taketh not forethought, his faith, hath he denied, and is worse, than one without faith!

1 Timóteo 5:8

Honour thy father and thy mother,andThou shalt love thy neighbour as, thyself.

Mateus 19:19

And, you, may the Lord cause to abound and excel in your love one toward another, and toward all,even as, we, do toward you:

1 Tessalonicenses 3:12

Nevertheless, ye also, do ye, individually, each man be so loving, his own wife, as himself, and, the wife,

Efésios 5:33

Thou art, all over, beautiful, my fair one, and, blemish, is there none in thee.

Cânticos 4:7

Let, iron, by iron, become sharp, and let, a man, sharpen the face of his friend.

Provérbios 27:17

But, on account of fornications, let, each man, have, his own wife, and, each woman, have, her own husband:

1 Coríntios 7:2

House and substance, are an inheritance from ones fathers, but, from Yahweh, cometh a wife who is prudent.

Provérbios 19:14

A virtuous woman, who can find? for, far beyond corals, is her worth.

Provérbios 31:10

Better are two, than one,in that they have a good reward for their toil.

Eclesiastes 4:9

For am I, even now, persuading, men, or God? Or am I seeking to please, men? If I had been still pleasing, men, Christs servant, had I not been!

Gálatas 1:10

So, ought the husbands to be loving their own wives, as their own bodies,he that loveth his own wife, loveth himself,

Efésios 5:28

More choice, is a name, than great riches, beyond silver and gold, is pleasant grace.

Provérbios 22:1

For, if the one should fall, would raise up his companion,but alas! for him who is alone when he falleth, with no second to raise him up!

Eclesiastes 4:10

Whatsoever things, therefore, ye would, that men be doing unto you, so, be, ye also, doing, unto them,for, this, is the law and the prophets.

Mateus 7:12

Be not getting diversely yoked with unbelievers; for what partnership have righteousness and lawlessness? Or what fellowship hath light with darkness?

2 Coríntios 6:14

Ye husbands, be loving your wives, even as, the Christ also, loved the assembly, and delivered, himself, up in her behalf,

That, her, he might sanctify, having purified with the bath of water, in declaration,

Efésios 5:25,26

And Yahweh God said, It is, not good, that the man should remain alone,I will make for him a helper as his counterpart.

Gênesis 2:18

Ye wives, unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord,

Because, a husband, is the head of his wife, as, the Christ also, is the head of the assembly, he, being the saviour of the body,

Efésios 5:22,23

Ye wives! be submitting yourselves unto your husbands, as is becoming in the Lord;

Ye husbands! be loving your wives, and be not embittered against them;

Colossenses 3:18,19

And, though an enemy should prevail against one, two, might make a stand before him,and, a threefold cord, cannot soon be broken.

Eclesiastes 4:12

5 And, for this very reason alsoadding, on your part, all diligence, supply, in your faith, excellence, and, in your excellence, knowledge,

6 And, in your knowledge, self-control, and, in your self-control, endurance, and, in your endurance, godliness,

7 And, in your godliness, brotherly affection, and, in your brotherly affection, love.

2 Pedro 1:5-7